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The best ways to make your product stand out in the online marketplace

Whether you have a brand-new product as yet unseen on the market or you have your twist on a popular item, it can be easy to get lost in a marketplace that is awash with already established products and businesses. So, you want to make an effort to make your product stand out above all others.

Thankfully there are plenty of ways that a business can go about this, and it is no different with the online marketplace than with traditional off-line marketing practices.

A simple banner ad is a very good starting place as it is a visual prompt that potential customers will see as they navigate around the internet, piquing their interest and allowing them to click straight through to the product page on your website. By thematically tying your banner ad into the look of your current marketing campaign or website, this creates a psychological link to your product and company name.

Brand recognition has long been important. If, at any point, another potential user asks for a recommendation, chances are your product will get the recommendation if your branding stands out. Bear in mind when creating the ads that appear on other websites that a user who may have had your product recommended to them, but not yet gone looking for it, upon seeing your ad will either click on it or at least have your product name reinforced in their consciousness to look for at a later time.

A customer may not click through from your ad, however having seen it and thought about your product, they will at a later time run a google search for information about that product they saw. If it is not your page at the top of the search results page, they are not likely to go looking further down the list to find it, losing you that sale to the company that was at the top of the search. The way to avoid this is to utilize SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to pull your company or product’s name to the top of those search results, thus converting that initial ad to a sale for you.

For SEO to be the most efficient for your needs, your website needs to have optimized product pages so that search engine crawlers can find not just a specific product but the whole site. It is a bit of a balancing act but relatively easy to achieve with little attention to detail, like including keywords to be found by crawlers and not having orphan pages that cause redundancy within a website by not being able to do so found.

Once you’ve attracted your potential customers to your product page, you still need to keep their attention to turn them into actual paying customers, which means you need to have a strong website that engages visitors while being user-friendly.

In the same way that a business with an unpleasant retail or office space is not going to do very well, a company that has a hard-to-use website is also not going to do well. It only takes a site that is difficult to navigate so that products are hard to find or has information that is difficult to find and understand to drive visitors away in frustration without ever having made a purchase regardless of how good your product may be. So, be sure to have a professional, user-friendly website that will welcome visitors and turn them into the paying customers who have taken your product home and not someone else’s.

A great way to tie in with traditional marketing options is by using social media platforms to reach your target audience while also staying connected with your existing customer base. With many different social media platforms available that work in different ways, you can choose the right mix for the size and function of your product or company.

A product aimed at new mothers would benefit from using things like Instagram, Facebook advertising, and TikTok. In contrast, a professional business would perhaps use LinkedIn, a Facebook profile, and a Twitter account. By analysing your product target audience and the social media platforms they predominantly use, you will find the right mix for marketing purposes.

Social media helps to humanize a company, which, especially when it is fully online based as more and more are these days, is an important aspect of building a good relationship with your client base and retaining thus them. A loyal customer base will spend money with you on a recurring basis and spread your product name to other potential customers.

The very nature of social media is for communication and networking, so by being savvy with how you interact with your customers, such as quick replies to queries and issues or showcasing how other customers have been using your product, you can quickly build good a good relationship with your followers.

Who doesn’t love an Instagram competition that requires minimal effort to enter? By using social media to link up with like-minded businesses, you can keep your approach fresh and exciting as well as reaching more of your target audience. All in one go, you have showcased your product to existing customers and followers as well as their friends, most of whom are in your target demographic, brought more traffic to your product page and spread your company name further around the internet, and more when you run it in conjunction with another company. For the cost of giving away one of your products for free, this is invaluable marketing that, done right, will bring you returns that far outweigh the initial outlay.

By making a few clever marketing decisions, such as optimizing your website to effectively use SEO, or by fostering a robust social media presence, your product will be standing out on the online marketplace before you know it, allowing your business to thrive and continue growing.