3 Very Simple Things You Can Do To Save Your SEO When You Lack Money to Proceed

If you own a business or you are a marketer you most probably have heard about SEO(search engine optimization). Currently, it is an important element in marketing. It involves improving a website by helping it rank among search results when people search for certain keywords.
Are you wondering why the ranking matters?
Let us look at how to find information about anything today.  Let us say you want to buy your mum a new phone but you don’t know which the best model is for her. What do you do? Like most people today, you will probably log in into the internet and type some words into Google. You would search for ‘new phone models’, or ‘trending smartphone model’. A list of results will show up and then you will select the most preferred based on your needs.

The results that show on the first page are placed there by SEO. Google use the SEO to understand their content and then ranked them based on what they think is most helpful content. Such sites mostly searched for most common keywords that users would use and then optimized their page. This is exactly what to do when you want to target your audience. This way you get the following benefits;

  • SEO enables you to target quality traffic.
  • With SEO you don’t need money to pay for ads
  • You can use SEO to build your PR
  • It enables you to move ahead of your competitors.

Even with the benefits of SEO, most of the time you are required to invest money to gain more benefits. Does this mean that when you lack money to proceed, you don’t get to save your SEO? No! With the following 3 simple things, you can save your SEO when You Lack Money to Proceed. At the same time, you can also go through and review the Calgary SEO pricing, to help you get the best deals, within your budget.

  • Generate high-quality content
  • Find the best keywords and phrases
  • Use reverse engineering to track your competitors’ strategies


  1. Generate high-quality content

When it comes to benefiting with SEO, with or without money, content is everything. Search engines such as Google are in the business with the purpose of providing the highest quality content to their users. This means that quality is the most significant factor when it comes to showing up in search results. This is why some people invest a lot in paying people to create the high-quality content. Remember, there are millions of people who are into SEO. So, competition is high. People are doing anything including spending a lot to get high-quality content. But what if you don’t have money to proceed? The answer is simple. Create high-quality content on your own or hire writing services like EssayMojo.com

Write great content and have a flow of visitors which will help in maintaining your SEO. Your content also plagiarism free. For plagiarism you can use plagiarism checker tool. Conduct research and identify content opportunities. Then fill in the gaps. Watch over your competitors’ content on their websites and social media. Read their content and identify any missing information that readers are looking for. When you identify the gaps, work on filling them.

Create new content based on what you have discovered. The content people are asking for. Share the new content. It will certainly generate new traffic. You will have written the content yourself and still maintain your SEO.
Most importantly, ensure that your content is sensible and readable. The content is meant for people and should be readable and understandable.

  1. Find the best keywords and phrases

To maintain your SEO when you don’t have money to proceed, go for proper keywords and phrases. Due to the competitive nature of the business, you must find keywords and phrases that are relevant to your business. Look for the right keywords. While free tools for keyword suggestions may help, they may propose words that are not personalized. This will deny you a competitive edge and you may lose your SEO. Instead, derive your keywords from the real words that people are using in finding your site.
A better option would be focusing on long keywords. These words are less common,especially with large investors. Only a few people try long-tail phrases. This will give your site a greater opportunity of getting higher rankings. However, you will still need to undertake keyword research. With the right words, you will be able to create the right long tail keyword. Because long tail keywords are sometimes more relevant, they bring qualitative traffic essential for maintaining your SEO. You should leverage the keywords when you can in your content. This does not mean dropping them anywhere that they don’t make sense. Your content should always align with your keywords.

  1. Use reverse engineering to track your competitors’ strategies

Use reverse engineering to learn the strategies that worked and those that didn’t work for your competitors. All you need is to spend some time on the website of your competitor and analyze their information. Compare under what metrics they score best. Through reverse engineering, you learn how to attract more traffic, you review competitive websites based on statistics, competition, and facts. When you follow the promotional activity of your competitor over a given time, you can easily anticipate their next strategy. You get to understand themost used keywords and sources of backlinks. Then use this information to attract new customers into your website. You don’t have to leave your SEO to chance. Use the reverse engineer and beat the completion.
Saving your SEO may require time and money. However, when you don’t have money to proceed, you can still save it. All you need is to generate high-quality content, find the best keywords and phrases, and use reverse engineering to track your competitors’ strategies. SEO is currently the best digital marketing strategy. You should ensure that you save it to convert users into customers.