Shared vs Managed WordPress Hosting: key Differences and how to make decision

In the WordPress community with the introduction of Shared Hosting people, it became the hot topic for all. Everybody knows that they have to compare all hosting plans based on their reviews and surveys. But everybody here shares different as well as an interesting point of views. Same in the case of Shared and managed WordPress hosting people have different opinions. In this article, we will discuss both types of hosting from the Developer’s as well as the daily user’s point of view. But before that let us understand what is shared and managed to host for those who are new in this field.

What is Shared and Managed WordPress hosting?

Shared vs Managed WordPress Hosting
First of all, if we talk about shared hosting, as the name itself describing shared hosting is the type of hosting where you have to share the hosting resources with other websites. We can take the example of a shared taxi in this case.
Whereas managed hosting you will get your personal resources along with additional features for your website. Yes, the price is a bit much than the shared hosting but so as the storage space and resources.

Key differences between Shared and managed WordPress Hosting

There are so many factors which make both of the types of hosting different from each other. And without knowing all these important facts you cannot decide which one is best for you. To let us discover why they are different from each other?

  • Monetary comparison

If we talk about the comparison based on money then you will always find Shared Webhosting cheaper than Managed web hosting. Now you have to decide according to your budget before choosing a plan. Here I must prefer Shared hosting if you are looking for all the resources with a low budget and ready to share your resources with others.

  • Domain Capacity

Domain capacity is also a big difference here. In shared hosting, you are allowed to have only one single domain. But if we look Managed Hosting you always have a choice for multiple domains and in some plans, this capacity is offered as unlimited domains. The point here is if you have only one website to host then single domain hosting is enough for you otherwise choose the web hosting with multiple domains.

  • Speed of working

If you are thinking about how the working speed varies due to the web hosting then here your answer is. In the case of managed WordPress hosting everything is built according to WordPress whether it comes to hardware or software. But shared hosting is made to run all kinds of websites, so to manage your WordPress website with it you have to make the environment to handle a WordPress website by using WordPress specific tools, which is a time-consuming process.

  • Security

If we compare both the hosting types in terms of security then I must say Managed WordPress hosting is much better than shared WordPress hosting. In the case of shared hosting, it is impossible to say that from thousands of users on one domain may not face conflicts. But however, with Managed hosting, this thing can be avoided. Yes, security is a major issue but although in private hosting you cannot prevent your website to be attacked completely.

  • Automatic Backup facility

Backup is very important to avoid loses due to website crashes. In managed hosting plans regular automated backup facility is provided to the users and also they are considered quick in terms of restoration. Whereas in the scenario of Shared hosting no such feature is available, you have to take the backup of your data manually every time.

  • An obstacle in the access of plugins

We all know plugins are additional features we can impose on our website to make its functionality more effective so as they are so important for WordPress websites. When we use shared hosting we are limited to use all plugins, so may important plugins are restricted to use by WordPress. But this is totally opposite in the case of private or managed hosting, you can hands on to any plugin out there according to the plan you choose.


We end up with all the major differences of shared as well as managed WordPress hosting. If you consider all the points we mentioned above then you can easily figure out which type of hosting your website need. Choose wisely to avoid low website performance.