Use Advanced SEO Techniques to Increase Your Search Traffic in 2020

SEO techniques are very much dynamic nowadays. And, with the advancement of technology, there are many new techniques that have diversified features. As a result, in order to remain among the top SERPs, you have to adapt constantly and need to improvise a lot. Starting from content to different keywords, there is a range of metrics that should be taken into account. If you choose the best SEO outsource services, you can easily enhance your online presence leaving behind all the competitors. Wondering how to improve your search rankings? Here are some of the latest SEO techniques that we will discuss in this article which will ultimately help you to take your business to the next level. 

Long Blog Posts

SEO focuses on optimizing the content that you are posting. Undoubtedly, this is one of the effective means to increase your search engine rankings. However, always take into account the content length. According to SEO experts, the length of your content is one of the most influential ranking factors in 2021. Content length in and of itself does not make content rank higher in Google. It is the fact that longer content has the opportunity to answer questions in depth, provide greater clarity and use keywords at an appropriate density throughout.In-depth knowledge of something that is portrayed on a blog helps you to obtain better search rankings. According to the latest studies, out of one million searches, the posts that were displayed on the first page were 1890 words long on an average.

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However, this SEO technique will not confirm you about the search rankings. Don’t think that long blogs will enhance your search engine rankings. You need to maintain a good equilibrium between quality and quantity in order to make this SEO technique fruitful.

Budget-Friendly Copywriting Technique

SEO writing is not just about using different keywords. When users generally log in to your website, there are basically two scenarios. Either they will read your website content or else, they will leave your website. The latter is really a serious issue which can harm your search engine rankings.

If you want to improve your rankings, you must ensure that the visitors spend enough time in your website. An effective way to achieve that is to write compelling articles. Therefore, Budget Bucket is one of the effective copywriting techniques that will compel your readers to stay on that particular page. While writing on this platform, it wants your article to be very smooth and simple. Every scenario will take you to the next one. Likewise, every paragraph will introduce the readers to a particular type of thought of the next paragraph.

Bucket Budget is an effective method to keep a connection between two paragraphs or sometimes sentences. It is a smart approach to attract the reader’s attention and it will help them accordingly leading through several transitions in your articles.
Below are some of the key phrases which we use generally:

  • Here is the deal.
  • Get to know the best part
  • This is not everything

Short sentences which are ending with clones is an effective means of determining bucket bridges. It makes copying much easier and ensures readers spend maximum time on your blog. Surely, it helps you to enhance your search engine rankings.

Update Old Content

To enhance the use of the content, please have a look at the previous blogs. Suppose you have written an article related to ‘Best SEO Techniques’ two years ago. With time, Google changes its algorithms. Therefore, you need to be updated based on the latest algorithm of Google.

However, it is recommendable to add extra information in your older article instead of writing a new one on the same topic. You need to update the headline based on the recent trends. You can also make changes in your article and make it more SEO oriented.

The SEO methodology is an effective means to enrich your content within a limited time. Moreover, it will help your blog to reach a larger audience. For popular posts, you have a good chance of getting a higher rank in different search results.

Good Backlinks

Backlinks can help you to gain better dominance leaving behind all your competitors. For search engines, a good backlink is equal to reliability.

Suppose you are having a huge number of quality backlinks. In that case, you will have a great chance of getting higher ranks in the SERPs. This is one of the vital SEO techniques that will enhance more website traffic.

You can obtain good backlinks through guest blogging and in collaboration with social media personnel. Often, other websites can link back to your website without taking permission. It will not post any problem until you find spam based links or other websites having questionable credentials. Therefore, it is very essential for you to analyze all the incoming links. An effective way of getting the inbound links is to use Google Search Console.

Proper Research Of Keywords

Before analyzing the blog post ideas, find some time to get the relevant keywords. It is an effective way to find out what people are searching for. Based on that, you can make modifications to the content in order to meet the readers’ requirements.

When you are using the proper keywords, you have a good chance of getting good conversion rates as well as higher rankings. In order to get keywords, you can use different SEO tools.

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All you need to do is enter the keyword for your target audience. After that, the SEO tools will give you the correct combination of relevant keywords. You can also get to know the search volume of keywords used. While listing your keywords, please ensure that you do not use generic terms. Therefore, the words should be more specific and descriptive taking keywords into consideration. Long Tail Keywords create difficulty in keyword stuffing.

Focus On Keywords As Per The Audience Response

Always pay attention to the response of your audience. Which platforms do you prefer? How will you connect? These are some of the questions that can strike your mind while making the SEO strategy. Once you have a fair idea about the customers’ choice, you can easily convince your SEO experts. Suppose they are searching for good food choices in a particular area, then write blog posts about it. If they are looking for a particular cheap viagra generic online product, it is important to review that in the blog post. First, try to figure out and then adapt. This should be your key motive. Go through the comments on your post and please have a look at the posts that become useful.

RankBrain Based Content

To increase the search results, Google uses the latest algorithm RankBrain. So, if there is a search query, RankBrain will understand just like a normal human being. Your search query is broken down into several vectors. It generates more search results. The most important aspect is that it doesn’t personalize on your primary query. Based on your search results, your results may vary for the second query.

To enhance your search rankings, you need to improve your content for RankBrain SEO. The use of medium-tail keywords and concentrating on user satisfaction to obtain better click-throughs is really important for RankBrain SEO.

Analyzing SEO Of Your Website

The most effective way to optimize your SEO strategy the proper analyzing of your website. Take some time to know the major points and based on that, determine the areas that required improvement. A proper SEO analysis of your website will help you to move ahead leaving behind all your competitors. The SEO audit will provide you a thorough know-how about your website’s present condition.
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Since this SEO technique is not that advanced, visitors mostly overlook it. The features like Page Titles, spam links, and speed of the page sometimes get overlooked. An SEO audit will help you with performance analysis. Moreover, it helps you to set objectives required for the advancement of your website.Several SEO tools like Ahrefs, SEMrush, and Pro Rank Tracker can ease the process. All you have to do is provide the URL. These will provide you with a detailed report of your website’s performance.

Internal Links

Your main objective is to bring the user to the homepage of your website. Readers should spend maximum time reading your articles. The most effective way to reach that target is to internally link your articles. If you link all your articles internally, it makes your website very much organized and well defined. The popular SEO techniques make sure that the Google Web Spider can easily crawl through your entire content. Moreover, the previous blog posts can generate more traffic.

Broken Links On Wikipedia

Wikipedia is the breeding ground for quality backlinks that we generally neglect. There are several articles which you get on the internet without citation containing statistics. Some of them are linked with different pages that do not exist.
Dead Link

Therefore, make a content based on the topics that you can link to the Wikipedia articles. Also, if you find reliable information, you can easily redirect the traffic from that site. In addition to this, you can also get good backlinks through this technique. However, in order to get dead links on Google, follow sites like dead link and keyword phrase.

Posting Content On Social Media

Don’t depend on the website to earn reliability and more traffic. You need to create a powerful social media presence. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest are some of the major platforms. Although, in order to build authority and enhance your search rankings, you have to look beyond that.
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Therefore, Quora, Slideshare, and Medium are some of the major platforms to reach out to the target audience with proper content. With the help of these sites, you can easily enhance your brand visibility. Moreover, this SEO technique will help you in getting more leads.

Catchy Headlines

Your main motive while writing blog posts is not just getting engagement, but also enhancing the Google search rankings. Therefore, the most effective way is to write proper keywords to find your posts. However, keyword stuffing in the headlines sometimes becomes cumbersome. It is a continuous strive between creativity and higher rankings.

A proper way to maintain a balance among them is to write various versions of the headline first. Therefore, start with a simple headline. Next, move forward to something that may appear click-bait. After that, just write a third version using the first two headlines. In order to make your headline SEO-friendly, rework to add proper keywords. In this way, you can easily create an appeal for both search engines and social media viewers. Always ensure that your headline is catchy enough to attract more readers. As a result, if your keywords give you much visibility, you can’t neglect the involvement of the audience.

Use Of Proper Tags

Search engines scan the videos and images whenever they squirm through your web pages. Therefore, you have to make sure that the crawlers understand the content. Therefore, to achieve this, use proper title tags.

The Title tag will provide you with the visual content of the webpage. Moreover, text tells the search engine visual feature of the content. To enhance your visual content, you have to incorporate focused keywords.


Infographics have the ability to make complicated topics simpler. Therefore, they have great visibility. As a result, it captures more viewer attention and helps in getting more messages easily. According to the recent market studies, 41.5% of the marketers said that the infographics and illustrations have the best market review.
info graphics
Infographic Content does not follow any set of rules. You can easily blend the text and video content. However, in order to bring more creativity, use GIFs. The important part is that you can reuse as well as repost infographics. Also, you can do so on social media platforms with ease.

Bottom Line….

Every businessman wants to increase the search rankings and generate more traffic. With the advancement of mobile and voice searches, you need to optimize the performance of the website to get the best online presence. Therefore, you need to follow the latest trends of SEO techniques in order to boost your business. We hope this article covers all the major SEO techniques that you can implement to increase the search traffic in 2020.