Old Skool Marketing Processes That Still Work On Social

There is no denying that marketing comes in all different forms, with new approaches being embraced as technology and media develops. However, that is not to say that old school marketing processes should be completely forgotten about. It’s important for businesses to continuously find creative ways to reach their audience on social media, but that doesn’t mean ruling out tried and tested techniques.

There are still a number of older marketing techniques that still work on social, which is why many businesses are incorporating these processes into their digital marketing strategies. Rather than simply focusing on the latest marketing processes, businesses such as Ultimate Banners are also embracing a more old school way of doing things.
Old Skool Marketing Techniques Businesses Should Still Be Using

  • Meaningful Interactions and Conversations – With so many different digital marketing techniques to utilise, many businesses overlook the importance of having meaningful interactions with their social media followers. There’s a lot of competition on social media and a business showing that they value their customers is bound to stand out. This is effectively done with personalised interactions, rather than the standard automated responses people are used to.
  • Create Memorable and Shareable Content – There is no shortage of social content out there, which is why creating memorable and shareable content is important. When content is shared, it is seen by a much wider audience that would not have otherwise been reached. Individuals who may never have heard of a business could stumble upon a shared post. However, not all content is shareable. In order for content to be shared, it must evoke an emotion such as joy or happiness. Nobody will share Facebook or Twitter content they deem to be boring or dull, it needs to be memorable.
  • Repurpose Existing Content – When marketing a business, there is a large focus on churning out tonnes of new content and then moving onto the next thing. This uses time, energy and a portion of the marketing budget. It’s a constant cycle that a lot of businesses struggle to keep up with. So, it’s important to remember that a lot of created content can be repurposed. This doesn’t mean copying content from other websites and plagiarising it, but simply updating and improving on content that has already been created by the business. By making a few changes, the piece of content can be reused and repurposed.

When it comes to marketing, there are a lot of different ways to utilise social media. It’s a fantastic way to reach a large audience, interact with customers, build brand awareness and share information. However, it’s not enough to simply post on social media platforms every so often and hope for the best. In order for social media to work well, a marketing strategy needs to be put in place. This can include some of the newer processes, such as paid advertising and video marketing, but also those that are a little more old school.
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