ITIL IV Foundation Course Certification: Pre- persuasion factors to consider

A decade ago, all that mattered for a newbie was to have the elementary knowledge to be in a campus recruitment drive. A letter of appointment would follow an offer letter from the employer and a fresher person would be ready to face the corporate world. Newcomers who are ambitious in pursuing a successful career in the IT industry or ITES often visualize this scenario. Gaining practical experience, reaching a managerial position and growing financially used to be the most important thing.

Today, the approach of IT professionals and applicants has changed to gain professional knowledge by receiving training and guidance from experts who can help them to gain industry-oriented knowledge. They are not looking for courses that will help them get a decent appraisal at their workplace, but they are looking beyond that. They aspire to imagine themselves in key roles and responsibilities that transform them into an integral part of the organization.

Searching, identifying and focusing on the best training and professional certification of the ITIL  Foundation that will take your career to the next level can be a difficult task at times. With the countless training institutes available on the network decision to identify the most suitable training course and the ITIL 4 Foundation coach can lead to disappointment.

Therefore, a self-introspection or a reality check on yourself can really help you before you get the certification of a training course from the ITIL 4 Foundation.


  1. What is the certification training for the ITIL 4 Foundation course?

The ITIL 4 Foundation course is an ideal entry-level certification for IT professionals seeking a general knowledge of the fundamentals, frameworks, concepts, and terminologies of the ITIL IV Foundation. The course provides the basis for understanding the significant elements that intervene in the lifecycle process of the ITIL 4 service and its relationship between the life cycle stages and the contribution to service management practices.

The course is designed specifically to understand the practical levels of the fundamentals of IT service management and how to plan, execute and deliver the best IT service management processes and practice efficiently within a service environment.

  1. What should the course and training include?

The outline of the ITIL 4 Foundation course should include learning and understanding of all the fundamental concepts and the best international processes and practice frameworks within an organization suitable for professionals and applicants working in IT.

Upon successful completion of the ITIL 4 Foundation Course, the training institute or organization must take an exam and provide a certificate from the internationally recognized ITIL 4 Foundation. All this in just 3 days!

  1. Do I really need to take this course?

The decision to do it or not lies entirely with you. Often, IT professionals or applicants take a course due to pressure from peers so that they can boast of owning it and being part of the rat race that never takes place. Before beginning the ITIL 4 Foundation Course Certification, you must understand your position, role, and responsibilities within the organization you serve or intend to serve. The best way would be to analyze and evaluate in a dispassionate way, your set of current and future skills and your professional chart to help you make the right decision.

  1. Do I have the prerequisites?

However, the ITIL 4 Foundation course does not require formal prerequisites, but it is assumed that the course participants are working or have worked in an IT Service environment or equivalent. The course is best suited for IT professionals working at managerial levels or those who aspire to work in an IT service management configuration to improve their ITIL 4 Foundation skills.

  1. How will the course benefit me?

If you have decided to take the course of the ITIL 4 Foundation, you must evaluate the benefits that are going to be obtained from it, which you plan to implement in your place of work or organization. Always make sure you read carefully the highlights, objectives, and benefits of the course. Whether it will help you or not:

Acquire all the learning aspects of the ITIL 4 Foundation and evaluate the critical factors of risk and success

  • Implement and effectively deliver the processes and activities of the ITIL 4 Foundation.
  • Improve the overall quality of the IT service within an organization
  • Acquire better and better job opportunities within an IT environment
  • Identify roles and responsibilities to achieve the maximum excellence of the ITIL 4 Foundation.
  • Measure the performance of the ITIL 4 Foundation in a given IT environment
  1. How to choose and identify the appropriate service provider and trainer?

Choosing and identifying the right service provider to help you get good value for money is not easy. An easy and safe way to find the best professional coach is to ask any of your friends, colleagues or family members who have completed the ITIL 4 Foundation course. You can ask your experience by getting honest feedback. If not, the network can be a good source to identify a professional training organization. Take your time to ask relevant questions about the course to the person concerned.

In addition, obtaining a successful certificate is always advisable in order to get a solid foundation and understand the course of the ITIL 4 Foundation, which will be good for you in the future.

Identifying a certified professional trainer and having real-life experience is always beneficial. Therefore you will not only learn the theory, but you also learn good practical examples of how the key elements of the ITIL 4 Foundation service life cycle work and help you improve the ability to manage IT services in your own organization.

  1. Is this the right time to start the course?

Like anything, the more you put, the more you go out. Therefore, a 3-day course may not require additional hours of study or preparation, but it is always better to be safe and mentally prepared to concentrate on the course. Do not just follow what others have done, but you should know what you need and where you are going.

To complete the course, it is always advisable to choose a weekend with minimum work pressure in the home and office. Be serious to attend all the learning sessions and assign approx. 2 hours of staff study during the first 2 days of the course.

  1. How do I update after the course?

By successfully completing the course and the exam, you can always keep in contact with your certified service provider and trainer and re-update the new functions of the course in the future. You can always read and download the latest course materials from the network. You can also create or join a network community to keep up with the latest developments in the ITIL 4 Foundation Course.

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