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iPhone 12 Launched in the UAE- Let’s Get to the Details

Recently iPhone 12 is launched by Apple. All the iPhone lovers were eagerly waiting for it, and they are now very much excited to have the device. Several tech experts said that the newly launched iPhone 12, all the 4 variants are very much affordable in the UAE, compared to all the countries. 

Not only the purchase but also the servicing is very much reliable just because of the existence of iPhone repair Dubai, who takes care of your iPhone device. The skilled personnel are very much dedicated to all kinds of delicate tasks. 

Now, let’s check out the specifications of iPhone 12.

iPhone 12: A Comprehensive Idea 

Apple has launched the four variants of iPhone- iPhone 12, Mini, Max, and Pro. All the variants are now available in the market and you can easily get one without any hiccups. 

iPhone 12

The first version of iPhone 12 comes in black, blue, green, white, and also in red colour. The 6.1-inch display has a super retina true tone that will help you feel the true and natural colours of the content. It is water-resistant up to 6 meters. The multiple features in the camera system will help you to record high-quality videos. 

iPhone 12 Pro

This device comes in different colours- they are silver, space grey, golden and green. The display of the Pro version is slightly shorter than the normal variant of the iPhone. The body design is made up of stainless steel and the front glass is textured matt. The triple camera is very powerful to record Ultra HD videos. It supports fast charging and you also get the facility for wireless charging. 

iPhone 12 Pro Max

Just like the Pro version, this device also comes in the same colours. With the 11 hours video streaming and 18 hours of offline video playback, the device will be the perfect item for your work, as well as the entertainment purposes. 

iPhone 12 Mini

As the name suggests, it is quite smaller in size compared to the other variants. The front glass is made up of ceramic shield while the entire body is made up of aluminium. The depth of the water-resistant is near about 6 meters, and the timing is just 30 minutes. The back and rear camera are both 12 megapixels each. The accessories available with the device are MagSafe compatible with the device. The facility of fast charging is also available. 

The Pricing in the UAE

The four different variants of the iPhone come with different pricing in the UAE. According to the official confirmation of Apple given by the experts of iPhone repair Dubai, the price will be starting from around 3,400 AED. If you compare the starting price with the previous iPhone 11, it is near about 400 to 450 AED more. 

In the starting price, you will get only 64 GB of storage. When the storage increases, the price also increases. For the 128 GB of storage, the pricing is around AED 3600. Moreover, for the 256 GB, which is the highest storage variant, will be available for around AED 4000. 

Now, coming to the iPhone mini, it is for the people who love smaller versions. The experts of iPhone repair Dubai have stated that Apple will officially launch the phone around the month of November 10th to 13th. For the 64 GB model, the price will be around AED 3000. If you want the 128 GB model, then you have to pay to some extent 200 AED more. The largest capacity of 256GB will be available around AED 3,630. 

In the case of iPhone Pro, it is already released by Apple and also in the UAE. There is no 64 GB storage device. The starting storage capacity is 128 GB, its cost price is around 4,200 AED. For the 256 GB and 512 GB, the price will rise up to 4,600 and 5,400 AED. The price of the Pro Max 128 GB is near about 4,700 AED, whereas the pricing of 256 GB and 512 GB will be starting from AED 5000 to 6000. 

The Exchange Value 

Apple also values its customers and gives them the facility to exchange their old phones with the new one. But, there are also some important terms and conditions that should be followed. Your phone must be in a perfect working condition. 

Otherwise, the value of depreciation will keep on degrading. There is a sophisticated algorithm by which Apple calculates the value of the old iPhone. After creating the value, a certain amount of money is deducted from the main price of the new iPhone. 

Things you should remember… 

It is obvious that you must handle your iPhone very carefully. In case, you are planning to exchange it, then you must keep the device away from a single scratch. In addition to that, take care of all the accessories and make sure that all of them are in perfect working condition. The billings and documentations will play a crucial role in identifying that the device belongs to you. 

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People from around the globe are very much eager to come to the UAE to buy the device. According to their calculations, they stated that the entire trip cost, including the price of the device, would be much lesser than that of buying the device in their own country. And, to resolve any glitches iPhone repair Dubai experts can help.