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Inspirational Facebook Pages to Follow this Year

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The rituals you embark on every day can define whether you succeed or fail. A study from Harvard indicated that daily rituals increase feelings of self-control and discipline.

One of the best daily rituals you can adopt is getting a regular morning dose of inspiration and motivation. This is why we’ve listed the top six inspirational Facebook pages you should follow this year:

1. Refine The Mind

As you would expect, this page focuses on the power of the mind. You’ll learn about how to direct the power of your mind towards building your life and benefitting those closest to you.

Refine The Mind regularly posts motivational quotes, blogs, videos, and courses to help you charge and power your mental state.

2. Over Grow The System

Anybody using their creative mind understands how inspiring nature can be. The natural world has the power to fill people with positivity, which is why we recommend Over Grow The System as one of the best pages to follow on Facebook.

This page is dedicated to sharing real stories about humanity. These posts are visually appealing and are also big on promoting sustainability.

3. TED

TED talks are famous for their ability to motivate and inspire change. In fact, Bill Gates has even compiled a playlist of his favorite TED talks.

This nonprofit organization also has a Facebook page dedicated to sparking intellectual and creative conversations and debates. Introduce yourself to new concepts and get inspired by their regular quotes and videos.

TED covers practically every subject under the sun, so there’s something for everyone on this page.

4. Davison Inventions

Are you looking to change the world?

The Facebook page of Davison Inventions offers helpful advice, inspiration, and success stories from entrepreneurs and inventors all over the world. If you’re looking for that “lightbulb moment”, this might be a great place to start.

5. High Existence

High Existence is a page that focuses more on broad coverage. Rather than laser focusing on a certain subject, this page covers a vast range of topics.

From philosophy to science and self-enrichment to self-development, there’s always something new on this page to get acquainted with.

The whole point of this page is to help you grow your energy and unleash the energy within you.

6. Fast Company

The Fast Company Facebook page specializes in delivering original news quickly. With regular updates throughout the day, you’ll gain access to articles and blogs on a variety of genres. Unlike the other pages on this list, the Fast Company focuses more on relevant, real-world issues.

Whether you want to learn about gender equality, solar power, the latest fashion, or the latest goings-on in the scientific community you’ll find it here.

Last Word

There are so many inspiring Facebook pages that are ready and waiting to help you become the best possible version of yourself. Developing an important daily ritual and using your online time wisely can help you to maximize every minute of the day.

What are your favorite inspirational Facebook pages to follow?