Important Marketing Aspects that should consider Before Strategizing

Your strategy for your marketing campaign determines the success of your business. A marketing strategy provides a framework to integrate the various activities of your business to accomplish your goals and objectives. It is critical, therefore, to create a solid marketing strategy before you start your campaign. 

Here are a few essential marketing aspects that work together for the success of your business.

Target Audience 

Your Target Audience is a group of people who are the potential consumers of your product or message. You need to collect data about your potential consumers and analyze their behaviour patterns. You need information about their age, gender, location, purchases, online activity, and pain points to decide which campaign you should run or choose the right PPC services

You also need to know your customers’ motivation, needs, wants interests, and values. Finding who is not your target audience is also part of the process. This information, for instance, could help a digital marketing company in India, as the Indian market is one of the biggest in the world, and help the company avoid wastage of resources.

Brand Message

Your brand message is communicating what your brand is all about to your customers. Your brand message highlights the values of your company. It is what makes your brand stand apart from your competitors. Your customer should understand the story of how your brand came into existence, what your brand stands for. And your brand should communicate naturally about the value your product will bring to them. Brand Messaging is an integral component of your strategy. 

Consumer Experience

Consumer Experience is all the interactions your customers have with your brand. The journey begins when a customer is dissatisfied with a particular brand and decides that your brand will help fix his problems. Your audience comes into contact with your product at several touchpoints like your website, apps, social media channels. You also have to enter into your customer’s shoes and walk the walk yourself. As you pass through each stage in the customer journey, you realize the needs and wants of your customer. Customer Service & CX-Expert Shep Hyken says

In the end, it doesn’t matter what the company believes its perception to be. For example, we can tell everyone we’re friendly, but if the customer has a different opinion, what you believe doesn’t matter. It’s only the customer’s perception that counts. So, make a promise that intrigues the customer, makes them want to do business with you and is a promise that you can keep.”

Choosing the Right Channels

There are several avenues, platforms, and channels to choose from for the modern marketer. But finding the perfect medium for you is essential for the growth of your business, whether you are a  marketing strategy  or elsewhere. It is not possible to divert your attention across multiple channels. So it is good to focus on a few that could make a huge impact. If your goal is to build a brand image for your business, you should focus on social media marketing and PPC services. If you want to position yourself as an authority on a given subject, you have to choose blogging and content marketing. 

Competitive Intelligenc 

Competitive Intelligence is gathering information about your competitors and converting it into pragmatic solutions for your business. It involves tracking your competitors’ products & services to understand the impact of their strategy on the market and consumers. Competitive Intelligence facilitates consumer loyalty and helps you understand your role in the market. By studying your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, you can identify your threats and modify your marketing strategy. Competitive Intelligence enables you to stand apart from your competitors and highlight your brand.

Customer Avatar

A customer avatar has specific details of your ideal customer. Whereas your Target Audience is broader and focuses on appealing to a wide group of people, a Customer Avatar is a fictional character who buys your products and services. Your ideal customer is your loyalist who makes frequent purchases and refers you to friends and colleagues. Your company should create a product that targets your ideal customer and resonates well with his needs and wants. Creating content that hits the pain points of your ideal customer, as opposed to a broad audience, results in more referrals and conversions. Customer Avatar is, therefore, an indispensable component of your marketing strategy. 

Testing Budget

The very notion of a “Testing Budget” appears counterproductive at the outset. But testing your strategy exposes its pitfalls, challenges your assumptions, and allows you to arrive at a better understanding of your audience. You can also get important insights that enable you to achieve your objectives in a short time. The testing phase needs enough time to get accurate results. 

The Follow-Up Plan

Following up leads should be an essential component of a marketing strategy. You need a follow-up plan to convert leads and ensure customer loyalty. Sending automated emails can end up in the junk folder. Adding human touch is crucial in your follow-up. You can have a personal phone call or a video call to build trust, credibility, and relationship. 

Consider Different Viewpoints

Brainstorming sessions can stimulate creativity and give birth to new ideas. You need to include your sales team as part of the discussion. A judgment-free environment is necessary to get the creative juices flowing. Having people from different departments will allow room for diverse perspectives. However, it is essential to set fixed goals before a productive brainstorming session.