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iMessage Waiting For Activation- How to Fix New iPhone Problem

Who would have thought that the iPhone users will now have to struggle with setting up their iMessage? Usually, this setting is easier than any other setting on your iPhone. However, you might experience some issues here as well. We are talking primarily about the waiting for activation message problem here.

Also, you might not always get this error message if the iMessage activation encounters a problem. You might even see a spinning wheel beside the grayed-out number that you are using to activate for iMessage.

You can also see the error messages like An error occurred during activation, Activation unsuccessful, check your network connection, or Could not sign in. Although the words used are different, they deliver the same message. So, what to do?


Check The Phone Number

If you have a wrong number or no number listed on your phone app, you will not be able to enable iMessage.

So, navigate to the iPhone settings and tap on the Phone icon. Check the section that says my number. You must be able to see your number there.

If the number is wrong or there is no number, put your correct number in there and try setting up your iMessage again.

Check The Date And Time

Your phone must have the correct date and time. From the general settings, navigate to the date and time section. Under that section, toggle on the automatic setting after picking up the correct time zone. Restart your phone and try activating your iMessage now.

Airplane Mode

Some issues can easily be solved by toggling on and off the airplane mode on your phone. No harm in trying that. Turn on your airplane mode, wait for a minute and turn it off again. Wait for a while and then see if you can activate your iMessage successfully.

Turning Off iMessage

From the settings, toggle off the iMessage and then restart your iPhone. You can also turn off your facetime. When your phone restarts, turn on both of them. This might solve the issue for you, activating your iMessage smoothly.

Sign out And Back Into Your Apple ID

If the error persists, try signing out and then back in again into your Apple ID in the message section of your settings.

Go to the messages in settings, then to send and receive and tap on your Apple ID and click on sign out. Turn off your iMessage and disconnect the wifi by turning it off. Wait for 30 seconds then turn on your wifi and iMessage and sign back into your Apple ID.

Revise Your Billing Plan And Clear The Dues

Make sure your service provider allows you to send and receive messages. While activating the iMessage, Apple might send you an SMS as a part of the process. It is done to verify your status.

So, if you are unable to receive the SMS, Apple wouldn’t be able to authorize the device for the activation of iMessage. This sounds unusual but isn’t impossible to happen.

Also, if you have outstanding credit, your service provider could block your number. Thus you will be unable to receive the SMS, causing the activation error for your iMessage.

Reset The Network Settings

Now, as we said earlier, Apple uses SMS to authorize your device for activating the iMessage. So, if you are facing any network issue, you will not be able to receive the SMS. Try resetting the network and see if it resolves your issue.

Update Your OS

See, if you have any updates available for your OS. Sometimes, the issue arises if you haven’t updated your OS in a while.

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Reset All Settings And Contents

Often, the iMessage activation error is caused due to device-specific issues. So, resetting your device along with its content and settings could be your last resort.

Before doing that you can insert your sim in a spare phone and reset that phone. Then reinsert your sim in iPhone and see if this solves the problem. There isn’t much logic to this solution, but it has helped many in troubleshooting this error. It might work for you as well.

If nothing works for you, then we recommend you to take the help of experts who know more technical ways to resolve this issue. Or, there could be an error with your sim card. In that case, you will have to replace it.