How To Use The Opera’s New One Touch Android Browser With One-Handed Browsing

A new web browser of Opera has come with a new feature, by which you can easily browse the web using one hand on your phone. It is a one-handed browser. Usually, you control your web browser at the top of the mobile’s screen. In that case, if you want to do something like changes the tab or open the new tab or open the keyboard etc. surely you have to use two hands to do these all. But One Touch Android Browser has that specialty so that you can access the websites with one hand easily.
You can see a button with three lines at the bottom of the screen of a website. Click on that button, so that you will get top sites for easy navigation. Even it will give a nice chance so that you can perform a voice search there. It has another benefit; you can send website, files, notes, and links to your desktop computer. This feature is called Flow.
Opera’s new One Touch Android browser
Features Of The Opera’s One Touch Android Browser:

  • Search instantly: Whenever you will start the browser, it is ready to search immediately. Just start typing, you will get a QR code, scan it, or you can use voice search also.
  • Designed for when you are on the move: You can use the web with one hand only. You will see the Fast Action Button (FAB) on your browser screen at the bottom, which will bring the keyboard. You can get direct access to the instant search by using FAB. FAB. To get to new tabs, you can swipe the button up and the browser navigation.
  • The perfect companion for your Opera PC browser: If you want to get smooth web browsing on your devices, use Opera Touch with your Opera browser. It is a little bit tough to connect your device, so use the Opera PC browser. You don’t need any accounts, log in, or passwords, just scan a QR code with Opera.
  • The Flow function seamlessly connects your PC and smartphone: There is an option to add images, links, videos, and notes to your Flow. And they will be seen by the other device instantly. The good thing is that you can approach those all on your other device. And there is nothing to worry because the Flow is encrypted, private and safely kept to yourself.

Benefits of the Opera’s new One Touch Android browser:
You have to operate Opera on both desktop and mobile to use the Flow. This a smart move from a company, which will encourage people to try a browser, which doesn’t belong to these four – Mozilla, Apple, Google, and Microsoft. You can get this app from the Google Play Store. It is very easy to use with one hand. Touch the address bar which is available at the top of the screen, after that you can easily move your hand to the bottom of the phone to open the keyboard.
Well, I think now you can easily browse the Web with Opera’s new One Touch Android browser with one hand. You will enjoy it surely.