How to Use Instagram Stories Effectively

Instagram story is the most popular feature of Instagram, this feature has changed the purpose of Instagram. Initially, Instagram is no more than the online pictures album but now it becomes something more. The first time the story idea was introduced by the SnapChat but now the Instagram story is more popular than the SnapChat. The IG stories play a very vital role in the development and progress of the business, through the Instagram story a brand can gain more genuine followers and engagements. Here Social Hungry will guide how to use Instagram story so how you can get lots of benefits.

How to create the Instagram story

For creating the Instagram story you don’t need any intensive knowledge of computer and mobile you can easily create it by just following the few steps.

  • Open your Instagram app, on the home screen you will see the camera icon on the left top click on that or plus sign or your profile picture or swipe right then click on the camera button.
  • For taking the picture just click on the white circle, for the video click and hold the white circle button or if you want to add any picture then click on gallery button showing on bottom left.
  • You can edit your picture or video, Instagram provides you a lot of editing features.
  • Now click on the Your Story button and publish your post as a story. You can also send your story privately to your followers.
  • The dimension of the Instagram story is different from the standard post. The standard Instagram post upload in a square shape, on the other hand, the story shot vertically the actual size of the story is 1080px width and 1920px height. There are some fantastic features in the Instagram Stories some of them are mentioned below.


Type Text: In this feature, you can add your text with a colorful background.

Live Streaming: In this feature, you can go live with your followers and audience.

Boomerang: You can create your one-second video in loop/

Focus: You can focus on the particular point of the story.

Rewind: you can record a video that can play in reverse.


In short, you can do lots of fun with the Instagram story. You can create attractive and eye-catching stories such as title cards and other pictures like canvas. The Instagram story provides you lots of ways to do creativity, we recommend you try all options for once, do different tricks with the features and try to create a unique Instagram post.

Use Proper Hashtags, Stickers and GeoTags

Whenever you want an instant boost on your standard Instagram post, you use hashtags and geotags for gaining more traffic. Similarly, this strategy applies to the Instagram story, by using hashtags, geotags and stickers you can attract more audience and engagement to your story.

Using Hashtags

Hashtags are the only way for providing an instant boost to Instagram post with the help of hashtags you can get more views on the story. Always try to write the caption in the hashtags means every word of the caption should be written with a hash sign. There are many applications and websites are available that are providing free hashtags, otherwise you can explore the trending topics from google trends or youtube trends and use hashtags related to trending topics in your Instagram story. The important thing you need to put the hashtags related to your brand niche such as if you have a clothes brand then you can use the fashion-related hashtags.

Use Stickers in Story

While you are creating the story you will see the option of the stickers on the top right, click on that option then thousands of stickers will show you. You can use these stickers to make more attractive to your story as well as you can attract more audience to your story because people love to see attractive things. There are different types of stickers are mentioned below.

  • Hashtag Sticker: you can add your tag with the help of this sticker, you need to put the hash sign.
  • Question Sticker: In this sticker, you can ask the question to your audience.
  • Selfie Sticker: By tapping this sticker you can start taking your selfie.

Use Geotags

If you want to gain your local traffic then geotags will help you. In geotag you add your current location, if your location is on then Instagram automatically detects the current location otherwise you can add the location manually. Some people are very conscious about their privacy and security that’s why they are not sharing their location but if you are running a brand then you should need to share your location because if someone in your local area searching related about your brand then your brand should be shown in the result list.

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