How to transfer all data files from phone to phone

Technology, today, has acquired great heights. Undoubtedly, the best invention of all the technical tools is a mobile phone. It is so, as this one is the commonly and most used technological gadget that the majority of us are being benefited with. Since, mobile phones are so much in demand; hence, the fast-paced technology employs maximum updates and improvisations towards this medium of communication.
Since, changing brands and models of mobile phones has become a frequent practice; therefore, everyone wishes to be updated in regard to the latest mobile innovations. Once you buy a new phone, the most crucial task is to transfer the data from the old phone to the new one. The article will prove to be immensely helpful, whether you are switching from iPhone to Android or wish to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone.

Let’s Explore The Most Useful Back Up Options to Safely Secure Your Data:

First and foremost, sign in with a Google account on your old phone to save your data or you can also save the same on your computer as well. Go to ‘Backup Data’ option through ‘Backup and Restore’ option in ‘Settings’. You can, now, proceed to take a backup of your installed apps, contacts, call history, calendar entries including gallery for videos and photos.

Transferring Data from iPhone to Android

SITUATION 1: When an Android phone has been bought after using iPhone.
Wondershare has developed an awesome software toolkit named as, dr.fone- the complete mobile solution. The smart transfer tool, dr.fone- Switch, helps you transfer all your data from your iPhone to Android. It allows you to transfer data from your phone memory as well as from the cloud account to your new Android phone.
How it works?

  1. You need to launch dr.fone on your computer. Click on the ‘Switch’ option present on its Home Page.
  2. Connect your devices, iPhone and Android phone, to your computer.
  3. Once the devices are detected, click on ‘Start Transfer’ option.
  4. Remove useless files on the Android phone through the option ‘Clear Data Before Copy’.

By far, this has been the most successful and most convenient method to transfer the entire data. It is really convenient for users if they transfer through this method as it takes care of all types of data without fail.
How to transfer all data files from phone to phone
‘Wondershare has employed technology at its best through dr.fone.’
There are definitely other ways to transfer data from one device to another but has certain limitations. So, the other methods can transfer a typical type of data but not likely to transfer the entire data. For example:

  1. Transferring Apps from iPhone to Android – The iPhone apps which have their corresponding Android versions can be downloaded from Google Play Store. Transferring apps directly from iPhone to Android device is impossible as iPhone apps support .pxl, .deb and .ipa formats, whereas Android apps support .apk file.
  2. Transferring Contacts from iPhone to Android – iCloud and Google account can help you transfer your contacts from an iPhone to Android phone. Changing sim will not work as sim in the iPhone is smaller as compared to the sim for Android.
  3. Transferring Text Messages from iPhone to Android – Copy your iPhone messages on your computer while extracting them through iTunes of your iPhone. Thereafter, Android device can be connected to the computer to import the messages. Another method is to reach out the Google Plat to download iSMS2droid and select iPhone SMS Database. Select the iTunes backup file to get the messages on your Android device. Do remember to convert them to an XML file. Install SMS Restore & Backup to restore the messages saved in XML file to your Android’s SMS database.
  4. Transferring Images from iPhone to Android – Connect your iPhone and Android phone to the computer. Click on InternalStorage>DCIM in your iPhone and make a selection of the photos you need to copy to your Android phone’s SD card.
  5. Transferring Videos and Music from iPhone to Android – Open iTunes to click on Store>Authorize This Computer…… (Enter id and Password). Connect your iPhone and Android phone to the computer. You need to right click on your iPhone to get the pull-down list. Select the Transfer Purchased option  in order to transfer music and videos from your phone to your iTunes. You can then copy the data on your Android device’s SD card from the media folder of iTunes on your computer.

So, you can easily assess that transferring data through dr.fone is much more convenient than doing it through any other method wherein only the specific type of data can be attempted and not the entire one.

Transferring of Data from iPhone to iPhone

SITUATION 2: When a new iPhone has been bought after using iPhone only.
So, you are a happy Apple customer as you have had a wonderful experience with the brand and therefore, have bought another new iPhone. Now, the challenge before you is to transfer data from the old iPhone to the new iPhone.

  1. Transfer data using dr.fone – Switch – Many have benefited with this tried and tested toolkit developed by Wondershare. The easiest click-through procedure starts with the downloading of the software on the computer. Connect both your old and new iPhones to the computer. Click on the ‘Switch’ option visible on the Home Screen. Make a selection of the data that you wish to transfer and then click on ‘Start Transfer’ button to initiate the transfer process. Once, the notification appears for the completion of the process, devices can be detached.
  2. Transfer selective data using dr.fone – Transfer – Download the software toolkit – dr.fone and open the ‘Transfer’ module. Connect your old and new iPhones to your computer and wait till the detection is confirmed. Ensure that old phone is selected as the source device. Different tabs containing files are there on the screen. Select ‘Export to iPhone’ (for music files) or ‘Export to Device’ (for images) option on the toolbar to let the transfer take place. For messages and contact numbers, export the data to the computer first and then, import it to the new phone.

Though transfer can also be attempted through iTunes and iCloud, it is bit technical and quite time-consuming affair, hence not user-friendly and quick. Sometimes, even compatibility issues between the phones also crop up. Wondershare’s product dr.fone- toolkit has proven to be immensely successful and effective for transferring data between the iOS devices. So, all the users of iPhone need not to bother while buying another iPhone, as dr.fone is there to assist the entire transfer from the old iPhone to the new one.

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