How to Schedule Instagram Posts for Free? 

With various other social media platforms, Instagram has also turned out to be a highly useful marketing channel that could give a greater boost to your business’s growth. However, managing this platform along with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and so can be time-consuming, and you might be looking for a hassle-free solution. Agree?

This is where you need to schedule Instagram posts as it’s time-saving and makes things a lot easier for you too.

Wondering how to do so and that too for free? Well, there is no native scheduling feature on Instagram. Still, you can make use of certain tools for serving this purpose. Have a look below to know about a few of the best tools:


This is regarded as the number 1 scheduler for scheduling your Instagram posts. Using the web browser or the mobile app, later allows you to schedule more than 30 posts monthly for free.

The best part about this amazing tool is that it enables bulk uploading as well as storing images.


This tool is incredibly feature-loaded. It comes with mesmerizing filters and editing tools. What’s more? It includes a beautiful preview grid for planning and designing your feed, hashtag generator analytics and insights, reposting, and much more.


Crowdfire allows you scheduling and publishing content to Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest as well. What sets it apart? This tool for social media management is the only one that comes with Instagram image recommendations.

Moreover, it can also help curate related content so you can concentrate on your strategy than searching for quality, relevant articles for sharing.


This social media marketing tool enables easy scheduling of social posts. It is capable of tracking analytics, helping you to plan a schedule, so your posts hit your target audience on time. Best of all, it integrates with LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ Facebook, and Instagram as well.

What’s more? It’s really simple to use.

It allows you to schedule more than ten posts for free. To make further use of it, you will have to buy its plans.


Next on our list is Hubspot. What you need to schedule your Instagram posts is dragging and dropping or uploading the image you want posting. The next steps include typing up your caption and using the handy calendar for deciding when you’d prefer publishing your post.


This is another exceptional social media management tool allowing you to schedule your Instagram posts for free. Adding to it, this full-fledged social media platform is highly functional, aiding in the rapid growth of your brand.

In addition to scheduling updates, you can also reply to followers, pair up with your team, or generate analytics reports. All you need is an opening compose box, select your Instagram account, and time for posting.

As a whole, it offers a perfect solution for companies and individuals as well.

With all that being said, you are good to go to schedule your Instagram posts to make the right use of your time and that for free.