How to Safeguard Enterprise Data from Potential Threats?

Ransomware attacks are on the rise. This is a major concern for users and business organizations today. A lot many computers have been compromised lately resulting in downtime and data loss for organizations. But that is not it! The effects are far worse – it causes data breach and possible intellectual property theft resulting in the expenditure of countless dollars to recover lost files.
Without any doubts, everybody is at risk. But there are certain industries and organizations which are more attractive to fraudsters. The digital pirates are always on their toes to steal your organization’s valuable data. Therefore, the task here is to do all that can be done to protect your precious business data.

Trends for Protecting Business Data

With the advent of time, we come across various market trends when it comes to protecting data. We need to understand that every business relies heavily on the database these days. To manage the database, contemporary database security trends are needed to be followed. Basically, following the trend has some benefits. It is beneficial, as it ensures following the latest measures that can effectively counter the threats. There are many threats to business data these days. Here are some of the ways you can assure complete protection for your organization data:

  1. Know What’s Important

First things first! You must know which data is valuable for the organization and needs to be protected. This includes electronic data as well as hardcopy information. For example, financial records, business secrets, and marketing information definitely require protection. But what about the electricity bill for your organization? Not so much. So, you need to understand the potential data security threats for your business right at the entry level or beginner level. You need to understand the requirement of data protection with seamlessness. For the protection of your system data, you need robust software or application for computer security. You need antivirus as well as antimalware to protect the system as well as server data from potential threats.

  1. Enhance Awareness of the Team

Human errors cause data breaches too. Making your staff aware of their role in an organization’s data protection is one of the most important things you can do. Your staff needs to be trained and aware of their shortcomings. The awareness includes-

  • Awareness about different types of attacks, like – Phishing attack, Whaling attack, etc.
  • Teaching them how to access confidential data securely.
  • No careless usage of confidential information

This minimalizes one of the biggest causes of data security breaches. Awareness is not just important for the business owner. It is important for the team of employees within an organization. Every member or employee or executives should be aware of potential threats. They must learn the process of analyzing the threats, and they need to act accordingly to stop the possible breach of data security.

  1. Create and Publish a Privacy Policy

Having a privacy policy allows an organization to gain the trust of their customers. A privacy policy lets the customers know that the data collected by your organization is safe with you. Your privacy policy must mention the following:

  • The type of data collected from your customers
  • How the data is used
  • Protection policy
  • Legal and regulatory requirements
  1. Avoid Using Single Password for Several Purposes

Use strong and unique passwords for every department. Doing this can help in avoiding a ‘dictionary attack’? This means that a dictionary attack, which is basically an attack that uses a combination of dictionary words and numbers to crack passwords, can’t happen. 
Plus, avoid writing down passwords anywhere. Your passwords should be easy to memorize by you, but at the same time, they must include special characters and numerals. Ensure that there is a combination of different characters which include alphabets, numbers, and symbols. If possible, use multi-factor authentication. Password for important tools and data servers should be confidential. They must be chosen carefully. The trend is to choose complex passwords, which contain special characters, upper case letters, etc.

  1. Encrypt Your Valuable Data

Another important part of protecting your organization data is encryption. Encryption does not itself prevent interference but denies the hackers and the internet pirates from using your stolen data. In encryption, data is encoded in such a way that only the authorized parties can access the required information. Hence, even if encrypted data is stolen, it cannot be read by the thief. For database managers, learning encryption process is absolutely important. Cutting edge techniques should be used for establishing database encryption.

  1. Expect the Best, But Be Prepared for the Worst

What if your data is corrupted? What if somehow it gets lost? Backing up your organization data is more important than you think it is. Ensuring your data is backed up provides reassurance. And then, even if you lose it, you can always recover your organization data without any worries and losses. One of the better ways to ensure complete safe and secure data backup, as well as quick and efficient recovery, is SEP SESAM Enterprise Backup. Sep sesam is a cleverly designed, comprehensive, highly scalable data backup and disaster recovery solution that has been deliberately designed to offer extremely reliable data protection to small, medium, as well as large organizations.

  1. Risk Assessment and Management

You need business executives who can assess as well as manage the risks with perfection. Risk assessment is not a simple job, and thus it should be conducted by the experts. Once risks are assessed, potential solutions for overcoming the risks have to be diagnosed. Risk assessment is a constant thing. That means once it has been done, that does not mean it is not required in the future. It is equally required in future, and it should be done with precision. For more information, visit
For every business, data is an asset these days. Hence, safeguarding your most valuable asset – your data – is very challenging. But with the most simple and practical solutions described in this particular write-up above, you can simply keep any data theft worries at bay.

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