How to Prepare Your Smartphone for Vacation?6 Simple Tips

When going on vacation, a business trip or any long-distance trip, we can collect bags and suitcases for a long time, but we often forget about preparing a smartphone. And this is in vain, because it’s the mobile gadget that will connect us with relatives, point the way in unfamiliar places and even just entertain us so that we don’t get bored on the road.

Also, the smartphone is useful for finding a hotel and booking a car. For example, if you are going to ski resorts of Utah, then by using a smartphone you can easily check the list of all available Salt Lake City airport car rental agencies.

That’s why your digital device is a very important travel assistant that requires special preparing…

Use smartphone case

First of all, take care of the physical protection of the smartphone before the trip, especially if you use an expensive model. Even in case you are careful enough and never dropped mobile devices, use a case to save yourself from trouble anyway.

If this is a trip to the sea, it makes sense to prepare a waterproof case for using a smartphone even under the water. These accessories allow you to bring truly spectacular photo-shots, which usually require smartphones with full protection from moisture and dust. Another option useful accessory isthephone cover, combined with an additional battery. Without too much preparation, it will be able to recharge the smartphone on the go.

Buy a powerbank

Aseparate powerbankcan be an alternative to a battery case. It’s simply an indispensable thing for any trip, which should always be in the bag. Basically, they differ in capacity and support of various technologies that accelerate the charging of connected devices and replenishing their own energy.

On some models, several ports are provided at once, so that a pair of smartphones can be charged at once. Also, on sale you can find models of power banks with built-in flashlights or solar panels, allowing you to restore a part of the charge even away from the outlet. This is a great option for any travel.

Check out mobile roaming terms

Even if you are going to take a local SIM card in the new country, be sure to familiarize yourself with the terms of roaming of your domestic operator before you travel.

Find out how much it will cost you to have a 1-minute talk, to send one message and receive 1 MB of Internet traffic. Now many providers have special tariff plans and options for traveling abroad. They can assume a fixed number of minutes for calls, and even if there’s a mandatory subscription fee, they will be much more profitable than the standard terms of your tariff. Evaluate how much you need it, and connect everything you need before starting a trip.

Free up the memory of the smartphone

If the smartphone is used as the major travel camera, then before the trip you should check the availability of free memory and delete unnecessary files. Free space will be needed for new photos and videos, as well as for additional applications.

Take advantage of cloud services that will allow you to upload a part of the images, removing them from your smartphone – this will bring order to the gallery of the photos already available in memory. The best app for this is Google Photos. Everything in it is extremely simple and clear. This service is available for both for Android and iOS-powered devices.

Download offline maps

Be sure to download maps working without Internet for orientation in an unfamiliar city. Turning on the GPS in your device, you can always understand exactly where you are and in which direction you need to go.

Many of these maps contain a list of various attractions, cafes, pharmacies and other places that may be useful on a trip. An example is the well-known service called, which is notable for its detail. But in fact you can also download the desired part of the map in the standard Google Maps service. The corresponding option is available in the standard application menu – you only need to specify the boundaries of the territory that you need offline. Preparation of the application takes only 2 minutes.

Don’t forget about entertainments

The road to the place of rest may not be long. A set of pre-prepared mobile games that work without the Internet may well make the long journey not so boring. Indeed, it can be impossible to use online serviceswhile traveling by plane or train.

Even before the trip, preload your favorite arcades and puzzles, turn off the Internet and make sure that these games start and don’t require additional downloads from you. In Google Play and App Store there is even a special page with dozens of offline gamesfor such cases.

You can also download movies, music, audio books, or even web pages that can be read without connecting to the Web. All this will allow you to spend the long road in an interesting way. The main thing is to prepare everything you need on in advance.

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