How to monetize your app – full guide for complete newbies

Making money from your app is not difficult at all and Adsmediabrokers is going to tell you about the simplest ways to do it. Read, implement and earn!
World population is rapidly growing, there are nearly 10 billion of peoples on the Earth. Now wonder, that amount of mobile devices users is growing, too. And all of them are searching for their types of applications.
It means that you have a wonderful chance to show your product to the world, get some fame ..and make a little fortune on it. In our today’s article Adsmediabrokers is going to tell you how to it more effectively.
Paid app: to do or not to do?
Main benefit of such approach is that you get funds from every loading made. However, it is a very tricky approach: people are not ready to pay, if they know there is similar app for free.
Think about the options you can attract clients: what can you offer, nobody else has?
Trial version
People should know what they pay for. Give your audience a weekly term to study your offer and then continue using it for some charge.
Free and paid versions
As a reasonable person, you would like to have as big audience as possible. Jungle radio can make you a good deal, so that you should think about offering something for free to show your respect to all users you have. Generally such apps contain basic sets of functions, but they are designed this way you are always feeling a little bit “not enough” for absolutely comfortable work.
Such healthy balance, so that users understand what they pay for (whether there is a need to update the app) is quite difficult to find. As too many free options will not encourage to open the wallet, but a very narrow option set will not allow to taste your app.
Ads in the apps
To perform this trick, you will have to enter app monetization companiesor ad platforms. Let’s be honest, people are not happy about advertising in the apps, but the variants companies are to offer can change their mind.
Let’s see what can be done.
App with the ads or not?
Let your users choose between free and paid versions of your app. For example, the loading of your app is free, but it will include advertising. Those, who are quite negative about ads banners can pay a little bit and get clean version so that nothing could distract from the app.
Add one or two extra features to paid version to make offer even more tempting.
Rewarded adds
This option is more relevant to gaming niche and people are very likely to love them. The secret of these ads is that you offer extra weapon, new skill or something of that kind to those who have watched a particular ad.
Mind, that obtaining the benefit should be impossible for free at all.
In-app purchases
This option will suit both gaming societies and other types of apps as well. Users like having an option to pay for extra feature in the game or buy something related to the niche of your app. For example, if you have created an app about language learning – you may offer your clients to buy a set of lessons in it with a little discount by your promo code. You have happy users, as your offer may turn out quite useful and get commission for advertising.
Big companies and just reach people are often open to help young start-ups when they feel the idea is interesting. Certainly, they would like to have something in return. For example, you can be asked to advertise a particular company in your app. It doesn’t mean that you will have post their ads (however, it may happen). It is more common case, when a logo of the brand is located somewhere in the corner with a redirecting opportunity to click if someone is interested. In fact, you get one advertiser with necessary investments. Your task is to persuade that your app is worth investing in it and have a big audience already at the moment of search.
This trick is quite simple – ask your audience to donate that amount they think reasonable. Even $1 is good when it is given by 100 people. Make sure, the system for donation you provide is convenient for use, otherwise, you risk losing at least a half of those who could help.
And how do you monetize your apps? Write us to share your ideas.

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