How to inspire your children to practice music?

Finding a music school in Huntington is easy. Once you enroll your child for piano or voice lessons, you will obviously want to see him or her practice at home. Well, the chances are that you will not be seeing much voluntary practice and you might feel the temptation to scold them or motivate them in different ways. However, that does not change the truth – children don’t like to practice music.

Why don’t children like practicing music?

According to the experts from some of the most well-known music schools in Huntington, NY, there are five reasons children do not want to practice –

  • It is difficult – unless you are talking to a prodigy, no one will tell you that playing music is easy. Music is hard, and it does take a lot of self-control for a child to pick himself or herself up from in front of the PlayStation or the TV for practicing. The practice involves reading music and playing till the kinks disappear and the piece sounds smooth.


  • It is boring – until the piece is perfect, the process of repeating the notes, again and again, every day will be really dull. Boredom during practice is also one of the leading reasons adults quit music after a couple of lessons.


  • It does not show immediate rewards – it is difficult for children to focus on a task without the promise of an immediate reward. For them, an award can be a high score after studying all night before an exam or new baseball kit after performing well in the field. However, with music practice, the reward scenario is rarely that overt. Especially since teachers simply move from one song/melody to another once the student perfects the current pieces, it is difficult to internalize the rewards process.


  • It is NOT fun – baseball is fun, soccer is fun, even running around pointlessly in the afternoon sun is fun, but sitting down at the piano or with the guitar and playing the same notes over and over again is definitely not fun. Children love to run around and make mischief. You cannot blame them if they state the music is not fun as compared to outdoor games or video games.


How to help your child practice music regularly?


When you search for music schools near me Huntington, NY, you are likely to find hundreds of schools for your child. If you want your child to grow up to be a musician, it is highly unlikely that you will give up after merely enrolling him or her in the school. Apart from prodding him or her to practice at home, you are also likely to show disappointment or try to force them to practice.

However, “that is not the way to get your kids to practice music,” says a performance artist from Huntington. According to her, “you need to motivate your child to practice. Forcing them never works in their favor”. Here’s what we found about motivating a child for practicing music –

  • Give them incentives

Music practice can be both trite and apparently unrewarding for children. You can try adding incentives like taking them out for live performances or buying them new music if they practice regularly. Incentives don’t always work for grown-up kids, but for the younger ones incentives can become the motivation they need for music practice.


  • Try to understand their difficulties

You need to talk to them and find out what they dislike about practice. Instead of giving them advice, work with them towards finding a solution. It can encourage their problem-solving attitude and inculcate a love for music in the long-run.


  • Consider their love for the instrument

Some children love music, but they don’t end up with the right instrument at the first chance. Your child may be laboring away at the piano when his or her true calling could be the violin or guitar. The only way to figure it out is by asking them about their music preferences, talking to their instructor and encouraging them to try new instruments.


  • Take a different approach

When your child shows excitement about learning a new piece, share their enthusiasm. Ask them to play it for you once a day. Take the boredom out of their practice by encouraging them to carry their instrument on family picnics or singing along with them when they hum a tune during a car ride.

Getting children to practice can be challenging no matter how great or reputed a music school you pick in Huntington. None of the schools have classes that teach children or their parents the solutions to the daily issues children face during practice. The only way to find a solution is by remaining intuitive to your child’s needs and remembering that they might dislike their daily practice, but they might still love music. Most kids don’t have the natural ability to practice daily. It is a habit they have to learn. It can take them weeks, months or even years to master. However, practice is the key to perfection in music.

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