Applications on Apple TV

How to Delete Apps on Apple TV| Remove Applications From Apple TV With Easy Hacks

There are times when Apple TV users may need to erase some apps from their device or hide them temporarily. But, there can be technical issues with this gadget, which doesn’t allow them to delete an app. Fortunately, there are a few tips to resolve this problem with Apple TV. So, if you are facing any issue while erasing the applications, keep reading this article. Here, you will get to learn how to delete apps on Apple TV along with step-wise guidance.

Points You Need to Remember While Deleting Applications on Apple TV

In order to understand the correct method for removing apps from your Apple TV, there are a few things to consider. First of all, you must be aware of the device specifications, which enables the users to delete the applications. Because, when it comes to removing certain apps from Apple TV, it is not possible on every model. Also, there are gadgets, which will only allow hiding, force quitting or disabling of these applications. So, before discussing the correct steps regarding how to delete apps on Apple TV, let’s cover a few important topics.

Can you Delete Apps on Every Generation of Apple TV?

Latest Apple TV generations (4th and 5th) has many advantages over previous versions. When it comes to removing some applications from this gadget, customers need to know a few details.

First of all, you can delete apps from your Apple TV, if it’s using 4th generation technology. But, if you are planning to erase Apple TV apps from the 2nd and 3rd generation, it can be a bit troublesome.\

Applications on Apple TV

On these generations of Apple TV, users can hide the applications by modifying settings. But, there are no specific steps for deleting the Apple TV apps on earlier generations before 4th one.

How to Delete Apps on Apple TV for Older Models?

If you want to delete Apple TV applications for 2nd and 3rd generation models, you can attempt to force-quit the app one by one.

For trying this method, you can utilize the Multitasking feature for closing the applications. Hence, switch on your Apple TV and go to its Home screen.

Then locate the tab for ‘Home button or Apple TV’ on your Siri Remote and double-click on it. Usually, you will find this button on the right side of the remote, which is easy to detect because of the TV icon.

If you wish to force-close any specific app on Apple TV, touch the trackpad and swipe to the right. Next, you need to hit the ‘Menu’ tab on your Siri Remote for exiting the Multitasking on Apple TV. You will find this button on remote’s left side with the word ‘Menu’ on its surface.

What are the Methods to Delete Apps on Latest Apple TV Generations?

In the advanced models of Apple TV, it is possible to delete applications and not just hide them. For those who are wanting to erase Apple TV apps from their iDevices, there are few simple tricks. It will enable users to overcome the limitations imposed by older Apple TV models. Hence, you will not only be able to remove the application from Apple TV but, can install new apps. So, if your query is how to delete apps on Apple TV, you can apply the following methods. These instructions are exclusively for users who are using 4th generation Apple TV.

Method 1- Use the Home Screen

To apply this method, first, open the Home screen on your Apple TV and check the list of apps installed on it. Now, decide the applications you want to remove from Apple TV and highlight them.  

Take your Apple TV Remote or Siri Remote and hold down its touch-sensitive surface. Wait until you see the jiggling of the app that you wish to delete from Apple TV. In case, you are having remotes with other specifications, you need to hold down the ‘Select’ button. Now, try to move the application on your Apple TV Remote / Siri Remote by swiping them in various directions. So you can swipe up, down, left or right for selecting the apps using these TV remotes. But, if you are using some other remote device, you have to press the left, right, up or down instead of swiping them.

After selecting the app, simply press the ‘Play/Pause’ button present on the Apple TV Remote. Then wait for the popup menu to appear on your screen and highlight the ‘Delete’ button using the remote.

Finally, click on the remote for selecting this ‘Delete’ option and your Apple TV will delete the app immediately.

Method 2- Use Settings on Apple TV

If your Apple TV has preloaded Settings app, you will be able to erase apps in order to create some free space. Hence, you can follow the instructions discussed below to remove Apple TV apps from Settings.

You need to use the Apple TV Remote for selecting the app of  ‘Settings’ and click on it. Then go to the tab for ‘General’ and scroll through the list of sections to locate the option of ‘Usage’.

Next, you have to hit the ‘Manage Storage’ option and view the list of apps installed on your Apple TV. Here, you will see a trash icon beside the applications under the heading of ‘Storage’.

So, use the remote for highlighting the apps you want to delete on Apple TV one by one. Then select the ‘Delete’ button in order to remove the app from your device.

Method 3- Enable the Option of ‘One Home Screen’

This method is for those who want to understand how to delete apps on Apple TV when there are multiple devices. So, basically, you can try this fix only when you are using more than one 4th generation Apple TVs.

Click on the ‘Settings’ app on your Apple TV and find the tab of ‘Accounts’. If your gadget is associated with an iCloud profile, you need to click on ‘iCloud’.

Next, locate the option of ‘One Home Screen’ and make sure that the feature is enabled. Hence, move the toggle in such a way that the One Home Screen is turned ‘On’ for Apple TV.

This method is specifically helpful when one Apple TV doesn’t allow to delete certain apps. So, you can easily make the necessary modifications in applications on the Apple TV, which allows deletion. Further, you can use iCloud for updating the changes with the apps on your Apple TV that was unable to remove the apps before.

If you can’t erase the Apple TV apps using the methods discussed in this article, it will require advanced solutions. Hence, you can consult an Apple TV technician and ask how to delete apps on Apple TV. In case, you have some quick fix techniques for deleting applications from Apple TV, feel free to share with us. You may visit TV Repair Services Dubai