How to Call Brazil from the US or any country

Calling to any part of the country is now not an expensive affair. All thanks to the cost-effective VoIP phone system. It has made international calling everyone’s cup of tea. Now, you can stay connected with your business and personal associates that reside in any part of the world including Brazil at a dirt cheap price.

Brazil has come up as a new business hub and many small to medium scale industries has started spreading their wings here. If you also own a business that has part of its roots or wings in Brazil and the rest of the part in the US or any country then making calls to Brazil is easy with the help of Brazil phone number.

How to Call Brazil from the US or any country

How a virtual phone number can help you to make affordable calls to Brazil?

  • It is a low-cost option

Making international calls to any part of the world used to cost you a fortune. But, it was the thing of the past. The launch of VoIP phone system has totally revolutionized this sector.  By using this telephony system, you can easily get rid of hefty calling bills, set-up, and maintenance charges.

VoIP system comes with a low price tag and offers everything that one could ever ask for related to the business/personal communication. You can get a Brazil phone number at a cost as low as $12.

  • It lets you work free from your desk boundaries

The success of any business lies in its ability to be available to your customers’ service irrespective of time and location. That’s what an Online phone number actually does. With its help, you can detangle yourself from the wires of the traditional telephone system.

In addition,   you are free to take it anywhere along with you. Most of the leading VoIP service providers offer softphone facility to its users. With the help of this facility, the users can easily make/receive calls from any data-driven device.

  • It brings a whole suite of features at your service

Running a business is already a tough nut to crack and the existing cut-throat competition push it further. You need to have ample of features by your side to handle your call traffic.  Office phone system helps you achieve all this with its advanced features.

In a single plan, you will get call forwarding, call transferring, call queuing, call barring, on-hold music, and many more features.  Additionally, its great integration with multiple platforms helps you perform par excellence. All these things work closely to make your operations hassle-free.

  • Multiple phone number services

Depending upon the needs of your business, you can either need a toll-free number or a local number. Getting it with VoIP service is a cakewalk. You have a choice to choose from a toll-free number, local numbers, and vanity numbers.

In addition, you can get the local number of all the leading Brazilian countries such as Salvador (+55-71, Rio de Janeiro (+55-21), São Paulo (+55-11),), Brasilia (+55-61) and Recife (+55-81) at the same cost. In short, you are free to make your choices based upon your business needs.

  • Great customer experience

Acquiring great customer service is easier than ever with the help of a virtual phone number. It will reduce call waiting time, offer personalized calling experience, and reduce the call cost burden on the customer. All these things are more than enough to attain great customer satisfaction and integrate success.

The prerequisite of VoIP phone system

To start with VoIP, you need to have some basic requirements such as:

  • Any phone. Your office phone number can work with any phone including an IP phone, analog phone, smartphone, or a softphone.

  • A stable internet connection

  • A need-specific VoIP plan

  • An Internet connection

  • A VoIP plan

  • An analog telephone adapter or ATA in case you are using a traditional landline phone system.

How you can make a call to Brazil from the US or any other country?

It is a simple step process.

  • At first, you need to dial the country code of your home country. Say, if you are calling from the US then dial 011. This step allows you to make any outside calls.


  • Dial the country code of Brazil i.e. 55. Now, you need to dial the area code of the Brazilian country to which to have to make the calls.


  • Then, dial the phone number. You are ready to talk.

With all these simple steps, you can start calling to Brazil in no time.   A VoIP driven office phone system makes you capable enough to make quick, crystal-clear, and affordable business communication around the world.

Are you also looking for an easy way to make international calls to Brazil? Then consider the VoIP phone system.

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