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Remote Admin Tool Windows 10 for Virtual Desktop Control

It’s now easy to access someone’s computer with the help of a sophisticated tool. And, it is basically known as the remote admin tool Windows 10. Gaining access to someone’s system involves a lot of tasks. The remote admin tools come in handy for various IT administrators. Starting from checking the OS parameters to quick troubleshooting, they can do it all. 

If you are an IT administrator by profession, then you must know what kind of remote admin tools you should use. Have you ever heard of RSAT? Yes, it is one of the most famous and active tools that most IT admins use for remote access. So, let’s begin with all the details. 

Remote Admin Tool Windows 10, why should you use it?

A remote admin tool has a lot of capabilities. And, an admin can take care of his/her client computer. Without further ado, get to why you must use it.

The Disk Drive Optimization and Defragmentation

If you see that your client’s system is facing hard disk drive issues, it is impossible to visit their home. In such a situation, the remote admin tools come in handy. And, with this tool, you can defragment as well as optimize the system HDD. Defragmentation means breaking up the storage fragments into clusters. This helps to store data more conveniently. On the other hand, optimization is taking care of the HDD. Running generic repair tests is obvious. 

Cleaning the Residual Files

Cache files are important when a certain operation is going on in your client’s system. Whenever the dedicated application’s purpose is over, those files become useless and must be removed from the system. You can do this with the help of the Disk Cleanup process.

Resolving Issues with the Printer  

Various administrators of printer manufacturing organizations provide the remote printer issue resolving processes. In other words, you can call it printer management. Printer issues are quite common. With the help of the remote admin tool Windows 10, you can gain access to the printer control panel and fix the glitch. 

Providing System Security

Installing the antivirus software, activating the firewall and other activities are important. To your client’s computer, you can provide these security aspects with the help of the remote admin tool Windows 10. Lastly, you can also set a collection of applications in your client’s computer in the firewall, and this activity will filter out all the unwanted application access. 

The RSAT, A Brief Conceptual Overview

RSAT is one of the well-known remote admin tools Windows 10. It was first introduced to Windows OS when Microsoft launched its first server OS, which is Windows Server 2000. If you visit the official website of Microsoft Corporation, you can easily get the setup file. After that, the installation follows through. On the latest OS Windows 10 version 1709 and 1803, the tool runs smoothly. You don’t have to activate the application separately. 

How can you Access the RSAT Tools?

After you download the setup file, the installation is obvious. Before that, make sure that the system you are about to install the application runs on Windows Server. Navigate to the Settings and access the Apps and features. Click on Optional features to add the RSAT. This will install the active directory of the tool. 

Before that, during the time of RSAT main application installation, make sure that the Server manager feature also gets installed. When you have finished the entire operation, open the dashboard. And, read all the options carefully. You have now access to the RSAT tools. Most of them are remote admin tools from Windows 10. 

What are the RSAT Tools included in the Application?

Here is the list of all the available tools that are present in the RSAT. Let’s check them out. 

  • SMTP Server 
  • Hyper-V management
  • Windows server update service
  • Hyper-V module for PowerShell (Windows 10)
  • Hyper-V graphical user interface management
  • Application programming interface and PowerShell
  • UI management console
  • Active directory users PC snap-in, Sites and services snap-in
  • Active directory domains, trusts and admin center snapin
  • ADSI edit snap-in
  • Active Directory schema, command lines and modules for PowerShell
  • The IIS management console, tools and compatibility
  • Various types of featuring tools
  • Roles, update policies and services tools

All of these built-in tools will come in handy based on the purposes. 

Are there any Third-party tools available?

Sure, there are various third-party tools that will work as a remote admin tool Windows 10. One of the infamous remote admin tools is TeamViewer. With the help of this application, you can not only gain access to any client computer but also regulate its functions as well. 

As usual, the installation is mandatory. Ask the person sitting in front of the client computer to provide the ID and password. Apply it; both the server and client will join based on the display parameters. After that, you can access the client computer.