How I became a Tableau expert

Becoming a tableau expert can bring so much opportunities in your life. Your career suddenly boosts up and you are on top of your game. Your workplace becomes a happy place for you and all of a sudden you become popular. This all happens because of becoming a tableau expert. As we all know that the demand of a tableau expert is very high and those who manage to become a certified tableau expert are the one with highest wages.
Today I am going to share how I was able to become a certified tableau expert. I was doing a job and with that I planned to learn tableau. But this is not something that can be done in a few days or weeks, instead proper time, attention and efforts are required in order to do that. Well devoting my time, effort and attention was not a problem for me because I was very much determined to become one. So I started to look for ways that could help me achieve my goal. In this process, I was being told by a friend about this amazing website named “”. This website contains hundreds of Tableau certification courses, sample quizzes, assignments, practice exams and much more. As I knew what I wanted, so I immediately took a course from it and start learning. You wouldn’t believe that I was able to learn so much about tableau in just 2 weeks.
Tableau expert
Though the course was of long duration, but I was getting a perfect sense about tableau and how big data can be easily interpreted and deduced results with. The course contained a set of videos, every video had a specific topic taught in it. The course had a lot of quizzes and assignments in it that had to be solved by the learner. I would suggest that every learner who takes the course should try to solve all the quizzes and assignments side by side.In this way he can get a better understanding. I was able to learn everything from the course in no time. Then I took another advanced level course of tableau named “Tableau 10 A-Z: Hands on tableau training for data science” that also helped me a lot in getting a grip over all the tableau tools and techniques.
What is most important in this whole scenario is to pass the certification test. I was very nervous about it. Well, after completing two courses from the website, I was confident that I can pass the test. So I took it, but what happened was I failed it. Why? Because I had no idea about:

  • What types of questions will be asked in the test?
  • What is the pattern to solve the test?
  • How much time should be given to each question to complete the test in given time?

I got very disappointed as I worked so hard in learning tableau and I was sure that I would pass the test then how come I failed it. Then I realized that what I need is a Tableau Certification Practice Test from the website. This exam is an exact simulation of the actual tableau exam. It gives you an idea about what types of questions will be asked in the exam and how to solve it. I solved the whole test according to the pattern and then appeared in the exam for the 2nd time. Now this time I was able to pass the test. My hard work finally paid off and I must say that I was able to pull off this stunt only because of the material available on TakeThisCourse. This website has everything that a learner needs. It helped me become a tableau certified and I am really thankful for that.

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