House Moves For Newlyweds: How Does This Work?

house moves

If you and your spouse just tied the knot – then congratulations! Marriage is a wonderful chapter in your life that you and your spouse can definitely enjoy, and it has a lot of amazing things in store that can make life more memorable for you. You’re a family now, and as a family, chances are you’d want your own house to call your home. And if you already have a place in mind, then another congratulations to the both of you! This new home can house amazing dinners with your spouse and your future kids – you might be near enough wonderful parks or be around amazing people to call your neighbors.

However, remember, before you can even enjoy family life, there’s always the matter of making sure that you and your spouse properly move all your things to that new house. And unfortunately, moving isn’t as easy as “packing everything and loading the boxes to a truck.” To a degree, it is, but there’s a ton more things to consider to ensure that everything’s up to your standards. Here are other factors to look into: 

  • Secure your documents and requirements to avoid any setbacks. One of the first things you should do when planning a move is to make sure that you submitted your documents and requirements to the necessary agencies and people in your new area. Remember, regardless if you’re doing a local or interstate move, sometimes agencies require special documents to certify your ownership and any adjustments to your new home, especially when it comes to utilities. If you submit and secure these as early as possible, the less problems you’d have in terms of securing your move. Moreover, if you’re already going to submit these documents and go to your new home’s location, you may as well use this time to meet with your best long distance movers so you can also secure any professional help for your move. 
  • Get everything about your inventory settled via spreadsheets. Inventory remains a crucial part of your moving experience, and it’s not just because we want to take note of everything we own. It’s important at this point for you and your spouse to formalize your inventory via a spreadsheet so you know exactly which items to keep, sell, or even throw away from your usual belongings. Thanks to a spreadsheet, you can actively keep track of special notes about certain items as well, and you can decide more conveniently which items you want to keep or not without the risk of losing anything during the packing or moving process. 
  • Pack your things across days and not rush. Another important part of your move is to manage your packing process. However, instead of rushing your packing towards a few days before moving day, you might want to spread your packing days throughout a span of a few weeks. That way, you can start packing your non-essentials while leaving your most important items – such as your laptops and anything related to work or school – easily accessible and pack them last. With this in mind, you won’t need to compromise anything related to work and school as you’re slowly packing your things with your spouse. 
  • Try to opt for online shopping to secure your packing needs. Instead of travelling to your new home back and forth, you might want to consider securing your packing needs via online shopping instead. Thanks to the convenience of deliveries and online payments, you don’t need to spend money and spend for gasoline just to secure your trip to the mall and buy from the hardware store. Chances are, various hardware stores around you can offer the best deals in terms of your moving gear, so you may not need to even leave the house to secure your packing essentials. 
  • Hire professionals to assist with the heavy-lifting. One of the best things you can do as a married couple is to ask the aid of professionals with the heavy-lifting, especially if you have other things you want done with your home as well. Thanks to professionals such as movers, you can have a team assigned to help you with the house move. They have the manpower, skills, and even equipment necessary to move your things safely to your new home. Hiring movers can work in your favor especially if you already are in touch with other professionals such as contractors for renovations, or even designers to work with your home interior. 

Your House Move As A Married Couple: Make It Work!

With the above tips in mind, it’s important to remember that it’s perfectly possible for you and your spouse to have a new house you can call your new home. Moreover, regardless of how “hassling” a house move seems to be, the right kind of planning and execution can surely make things work in your favor. In fact, with the right planning and approach, you may just have all the tools you need to make your house move work in exactly the way you want. Remember, the perfect house move with your spouse is all about ensuring that you’re equipping your new house with the means for you and your spouse to call it your new home.