Google Search app force close error on Xiaomi devices : fix

Chinese company Xiaomi was the last one to adopt the public version of Android 8.0 Oreo. Quite recently, Xiaomi has released its Oreo on MUI 9. But there are some regional and international problems in the tech market. First, the users in China do not have access to the Google Play Store or other services.

Second, the international users outside China are complaining about  Google Framework Service. The services rare frequently crashing on the Chinese version of MIUI 9 ROM, and the users are frantically searching for an answer. If you are a Xioami user and looking for a solution, read along to know more about Google Search errors and ways to combat it.  

What Kind Of Error Can a Xioami User Face?

The Xioami user can face errors in the Google Play Services. That means he will not be able to access the Google Music, Photos, Movies and other applications. Apart from that, the services will stop.

Steps To Fix Google Search Errors On Xiaomi Gadgets

Though Google experts are trying to erase technical difficulty with all its might, we are trying to find some easy ways for the customers to use the services of Google without hesitation. We can understand how difficult it is to wait without doing nothing. So, follow the steps to get respite.  

  • Learn how to install Google Framework Services- To resolve all the error codes, we need to install Google Framework Services. You can download the system apps in the APK format and from unknown sources. Make sure you are protecting your device with a robust Antivirus security suite.
  1. First, download the Oreo-Google apps or extract the file name “” and copy to the folder. Store the folder on internal storage directory.
  2. Install APK files individually, but do not open them once you are done.
  3. Now, reboot the Xioami device.  
  • After installing, its time to update the Framework Services. Download the latest version of the system to avoid any error or Google crashing.
  1. Open the Google Play Store and insert all the personal details for logging in. You will find a menu and move to the settings.
  2. Scroll to find the ‘About’ portion and update the services.
  3. Seek help from Google Partner Setup( for APK files)
  • Google Partner setup can also help the user to resolve the problems. If the Google Search menu is not working on your device and you need Google Assistant just install Google Partner Setup.  
  • Download an APK file from the Setup and reboot Xioami to check if the applications are working or not.

Erasing Google Errors From Xioami

Xioami and Google are trying to delete all the difficulties and make a better phone with high-end technologies. It started a little late, but Xiomi is picking up with its flagship projects Mi 6 and  Mi Mix 2. We hope the errors will diminish with time. Till then we request you to follow the approaches to seek some relief.

If possible share your feedback and experience with us. If you have some queries, let us know.

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