Fix the Black Dot Bug on Your iPhone

Apple products are sophisticated devices. But, that does not mean it will be free from errors even with impressive hardware. What goes wrong when your buy antibiotics online fast delivery iPhone is hit by a black dot bug? Let us find out in the subsequent paragraphs.
It is a new malicious text message that has the ability to crash your iPhone message application. The message is known as Black Dot and the moment it strikes, your iMessage will not be able to respond anymore. As a matter of fact, the real culprit behind this Black Dot is the long thread of invisible Unicode characters which tags along with the Black Dot message. It is long to such an extent that it leads to chocking of the iPhone’s processor. Apparently, it tends to locks the iMessage and becomes stagnant and does not change even after forcefully booting the device.
To put it simply, Black Dot makes your message box unresponsive but thankfully does not attacks any other application. There is no malware threat behind the Black Dot. However, do not worry, there are a few simple ways by which you can fix this bug. Have a look at the steps:

  1. Force close the messenger application.
  2. Reply the sender through Siri.
  3. Swipe up the bottom of your iPhone screen and check the app switcher, after this, you can swipe up on the message application and close it.
  4. 3D touch the iMessage and select the new message icon.
  5. Select Cancel.
  6. Now, swipe right from the left of the Black Dot to delete the message.

Black Dot

No 3D touch? Relax! we have the tricks for iPhones without 3D touch

Presently, If your iPhone model does not possess a 3D touch, you can follow these steps to get rid of the Black Dot.

  • Follow the first two steps from the earlier solution list.
  • Tap open the iMessage application.
  • Select the black arrow which is situated on the top left corner to go back to the message thread.
  • Select Edit on the top left side.
  • Now, select the circle to the left of the conversation which consists of the problematic message. You can see a blue checkmark.
  • After this, you can Tap on delete from the lower right side.


The Black Dot was discovered recently and it has just started to create havoc for iPhone users. Moreover, you can check some YouTube channels which are showing how this bug is creating serious issues on Apple products. To know more about latest advancements and fresh content keep following our website.