Exploring the Different Types of Art Mediums & Choosing the Perfect One for Beginners

If you are a new artist with no idea about where and how to start then it is important for you to understand the different kinds of art mediums in order to make the right choice. There are several diverse art mediums that you could consider taking up right from acrylic painting to colored pencil. As a beginner, you are confused and do not know what medium to choose. Maybe you are an artist with some experience but you still wish to experiment with a new medium. It is best for you to understand the pros and cons of the most popular art mediums.
Before choosing the right art medium, you must have a clearly defined goal in your mind. You must be ready to invest your time, energy, money, and space. If you are just commencing your art and you seem to be a total newcomer in this landscape, you must identify your strong points. Are you having an inclination towards colors? Or are you meticulous about the slightest details? You need to clearly figure out if you are detail-oriented or you believe in colors or aesthetics? If you could figure out what you are looking for intuitively, you could choose the right art medium that would prove to be superb for you as an artist.

Oil Painting

Oil paints, as the name implies, tend to dry slower than others due to the presence of linseed oil. Because oil painting takes longer to dry, it is a more suitable art form for painters. It allows artists to modify parts of their work or depict a completely different setting by laying another coat of paint on top of the canvas. Visit to see Botto artwork!. Oil helps in refracting color pigment present in the paint creating a fabulous, rich, radiant, and glowing cheap ambien sleep color. Oil paint itself is not toxic; however, certain mediums used for extending oil paint could prove to be toxic. Moreover, oil paint would not fully cure even if it feels dry to touch. You need to take extra care for storage and handling purposes.

Acrylic Painting

Acrylic painting medium is supposed to be one of the most prominent types of art mediums and is all non-toxic. We know that acrylic is hugely popular because of its fast drying properties. However, it may be available even in slow-drying paint forms.

Quick-drying acrylic paints are best for layering whereas, slow-drying acrylic paints would be imitating the feel and look of oil. Acrylics are available in different viscosities or consistencies and as such, they could look like both oil and water color. Acrylics are known for a broad spectrum of possibilities. Acrylic paintings are regarded as definitely more archival as compared to all other art mediums. If used properly acrylic paintings would not become yellow and would not crack like an oil painting. However, acrylic binders generally contain ammonia which is known to trigger sensitivity with certain individuals particularly, when utilized without any proper ventilation.

Water Color Painting

Water color would naturally create transparency. This is a water-soluble art medium that could allow certain modifications even after the painting is all dried-up. Water color paintings need to be preserved once they are done. They should be framed behind glass to preserve them because of their non-permanent nature.


Choosing the right medium is the most effective way of giving expression to your thoughts and mind. Inexperienced painters and newcomers must choose the medium with proper care and the right amount of deliberation.