Eight applications, which can help in unforeseen situations abroad

“Forewarned is forearmed” – this principle works when different troubles start to happen with you during the tour. What you need to know and how to act in such moments? A smartphone, which practically everyone has in his or her pocket, can be very helpful in an emergency. Read below, what information on the smartphone, which applications and services can help in case of emergency.

  1. Life360

This is a useful family application for those, whose relatives have a steady tendency to get into dangerous situations. To know for sure that your younger brothers and sisters do not play on the construction site, and elderly parents are not lost in the unknown city during the holiday, you need to add phone numbers from your contact list to your family circle and turn on the background application update in their phones. Having done these manipulations, you can always see the location of the whole family on the map, send messages and receive notifications about their appearance at school at work or in the hotel, when you are travelling.

  1. iTriage

If you have a suspicion of some kind of injury, when you are abroad or at home, then this app will easily help you to check it out. Clicking on the interactive model of the human body on the body part, which interests you, you will learn everything about the causes of pain, symptoms and treatment methods. Moreover, you can even discuss them on social networks. In case of a disappointing diagnosis, iTriage will help to find nearby emergency departments and the professionals, dealing with specific diseases. The last two options work in many countries, so on vacation abroad, you can definitely feel safe.

  1. Cardiio

Any emergency always results in an adrenaline rush and an increase in heart rate. To find out if your pulse is in the normal range, do not necessarily put your fingers to your wrist and start a stopwatch. Thanks to this app, all you need to do is look into the camera for a few seconds – it will analyze the reflection of light from your skin and give the desired figure. In the case of poor lighting in the room, the pulse can be measured in the old-fashioned way, putting your finger to the camera.

  1. Commandercompass

In whatever difficult situation you find yourself, the good old compass will lead you out of any desert. Even Indiana Jones would envy such a sophisticated compass – its screen is filled with various numbers and symbols. There is a speedometer, a tracker of stars, support for waypoints and much more. In short, with this application, you will not get lost. Nevertheless, we advise you in advance to study out all the functions and notation.

  1. SOS LED Flashlight

This application could be very useful in case of an emergency. It is better than the regular flashlight, as it has advanced functionality. In particular, it can automatically blink light. After all, the flickering light is much easier noticed than the constant light. In case of an emergency, you will not be able to manually switch on and off the flashlight all the time. Moreover, this flashlight app has a built-in siren. Some similar applications, among other things, are also able to give the Morse SOS signal, with light and sound. This will undoubtedly help during the rescue operations.

  1. Rentalcars24h

The example of unforeseen situations could be different. The car rental application could be a solution in many of them. You can download this app to make use of, for example, the EZ car rental East Providence RI.

The benefits of this app are:

  • Guarantee of the lowest prices.
  • Each car from one of the leading suppliers.
  • You can talk to one of the booking agents 7 days a week.
  • You can easily make changes or cancel your reservation online.

With clients from more than 160 countries, they have created a global client base that is supported in four dozen languages and in numerous currencies. This app cooperates with all major car rental companies around the world, checking which local suppliers offer the best prices for the car you need today.

  1. eWeather

Natural disasters are often extremely destructive. This application is designed to warn of natural disasters such as hurricanes and earthquakes. The program displays the epicenters of the cataclysms on the map, and gives an hourly weather forecast.

Weather Storm Lightning Thunderstorm Lightning Bolt

The app is a powerful complex that includes, among other things, a barometer, geomagnetic indicators and even METAR reports (aeronautical meteorological codes). The application automatically displays alerts to the Smartphone Notification Center. The Android version supports the installation of the necessary warning widgets on the desktop.

  1. I’m Getting Arrested

If, due to the confusion around you, you suddenly become a victim of an unauthorized arrest, this minimalistic application will notify all relatives, friends and lawyers with one button, and at the same time, show them your location. To do this, you need to prepare in advance the text of the message and enter the phone numbers of those, to whom you want to report it.

By the way, what to do if you were arrested in an unfamiliar country?

If, for whatever reason, you find yourself at the police station, first of all, ask for the opportunity to contact the nearest consular office of your country or send it a written notice of the incident. A consular officer is obliged to meet with you, but keep in mind that his/her arrival may be delayed if the institution itself is located far from the scene of the incident. When being arrested, do not resist the police – they can use force or even weapons. Do not sign protocols in a foreign language in the absence of an interpreter – according to the legislation of some countries, the papers you signed may become the basis of a crime charge.

To all of the above written, we should add the necessity to replenishing your bank account. Knowing your credit card number, relatives or friends can contact the bank that issued the card and replenish your bank account in case of emergency. When contacting a foreign bank, they will need to give all the details of your bank account. In this case, the transfer of money may take several days. Before the trip, you should leave the address of the hotel, credit card number and bank account number to your authorized representative at home – this will speed up the process of providing financial assistance.


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