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Buy RuneScape Gold

Why buying RuneScape Gold

Do you want to play RuneScape Game without interruption and consuming less time? If yes, then you will have to buy the RuneScape Gold. There are in-game opportunities for you to get free gold like fighting bosses, the most important technique. You can fight with these bosses yourself or with the group. Once a boss drops, you get a considerable amount of gold. However, you will have to have the high-end gears to do bossing, which is possible with RS gold only. Apart from this way, there are other methods like Skilling(fishing, mining, and so on), Marching items, and PvMing of getting gold, they are enemies of time, though. Thus, these all methods are there to acquire gold but require considerable time and effort.

How to buy RuneScape Gold

There are commonly two methods of buying RuneScape Gold. First, you must buy and sell bonds, which you must buy from real currency, in the Grand Exchange for gold. Remember that players can also trade bonds for RS gold to other players. Even you can gift those bonds to your friend or other community members. Apart from the exchange, membership payment is possible through them. The second option is to approach the sellers. You can find those sellers on gold trading sites and player-to-player marketplaces. Before buying gold, you must specify the minute details like delivery time, date, and location to a seller.

RuneScape Gold Buying Tips

Since buying RuneScape Gold is an online transaction and it is the gold of the most widely famous game, there is the likelihood of a scam. In other words, multiple fake sellers are waiting for prey to exploit. Once you pay them, they disappear. Thus, to avoid such risks, you must remember the following tips while buying RuneScape Gold.

  • You should give due attention to the Payment process or any covert and overt fees. In short, you should not purchase from a vendor who is charging more than 3% fees.
  • Through Trustpilot and, check the reviews.
  • See to it that a website has 24/7 customer service.
  • Look for a website that has multiple payment methods other than crypto-only websites.
  • Give attention to terms and conditions.
  • Ensure that the company is a registered one.
  • Check the number of sales that the company has done.
  • Get contact info of sellers via customer service.
  • Decide the delivery time and date while dealing with players through a third party and then get gold through his/her account on RuneScape.
  • Finally, consider the systems like in PlayerAuctions: PlayerGuardian, Sift Fraud, Seller Rankings, Onsite Messenger, and Customer Service.


Like the Stock Exchange, the prices of RuneScape Gold fluctuate. You must pay fiat money, the prices are not so high, though. Without RuneScape gold, you cannot enjoy the advanced adventures or 11 skills that demand RS gold. Buy RuneScape gold is not so easy when the market is full of fake sellers who are ready to scam you. However, a few above tips can save you from fraud.