Budget Traveling: 7 Apps to Minimize Your Expenses

Planning to go on a trip abroad, but think that vacation will cost too much? Unfortunately, you can’t do without spending, but there are many ways to save on flights, accommodation and even buying souvenirs.


Smartphone will be your main assistant. By downloading several useful applications, you will receive all the necessary information for a budget trip. For example, you are going to Italy and you need cheap and at the same time convenient transport for getting around the city. The good news is that with your mobile phone you can easily use car rental in Lucca Italy at the most affordable price.

Do you need more money saving apps? Then check the following list…


This is a popular platform for searching hotels and apartments in different countries. The application contains information about 450 thousand hotels around the world, allowing you to quickly find an available room in a hotel that meets the user’s requirements for capacity, number of stars and cost of living.

Thanks to a convenient filter system, you can use various criteria to search for options. A large number of high-quality photos and traveler reviews help to thoroughly evaluate the proposed options and avoid unpleasant surprises.


This is the most famous service for renting private housing abroad. With this app, you can find any accommodation option, from a cheap bed for one night to a chic penthouse apartmentor villa for the whole season. The main advantage of Airbnb is that the application contains information about tens of thousands of citizens from around the world who rent out their own property at excellent prices.

The lack of intermediaries allows you to rent an apartment much cheaper than a room in a hotel and at the same time significantly save.Another advantage of the service is a simple and understandable user’s interface.


This is a convenient solution to search for cafes and restaurants that are not very famous among travelers. It helps to find good, but not advertised places where you can eat at moderate prices. The service won’t only show the names and addresses of the establishments, but also share real visitors’ and critics’ reviews.

Having downloaded this app, you can easily find pleasant restaurants that are not crowded by tourists, which means you can eat there and enjoy the local tastes without ruffle or excitement.

Free Wi-Fi Finder

Free Wi-Fi Finder is a popular application that tells you a direct location of the nearest free wireless internet point. The program is very useful for those who want to stay in touch while traveling, without spending money on regular Internet traffic.

You can download the application on your smartphone with any operating system, and its use won’ cause any difficulty.


AroundMe is a real explorer which won’t let you get lost in a foreign country. It helps to find the nearest hotel, restaurant, gas station, hospital, pharmacy or any other object.

The service will determine your location and offers the most convenient route to your final destination. At the same time, the program will plan the way based on how you travel: on foot or by car.

AroundMe has a simple interface. All important infrastructure facilities are sorted into the appropriate categories, so finding the desired destination is easy. The service also offers a useful bonus – the ability to check the weather in a particular city for the next few days.

Trip Splitter

This is a great thing for those who don’t know how to count money. The application will help to organize the budget for those traveling in a large group of friends, namely, to optimize spending on gasoline, food, housing and other common expenses.

The app creates a separate directory for each traveler in the general file, where the amount spent by him for shared needs is deposited. Then the application divides the costs by the total number of people on the list and identifies everyone’s expenses. The result is a visual table showing who and how much spent in the journey.


Expensify is universal cost management software that manages yourspending, transactions, money issues, real-time data and the reporting process. It’s simple but powerful tool, which comes with all the basic functions and services to help you manage your total expenses.


This allows travelers to keep a summary of their various spending items. This powerful platform also offers tools to track your travel expenses based on miles traveled or the amount of time spent on a specific journey. It also has a built-in currency converter for managing international travel expenses.

As you can see, there are enough opportunities for a budget, but at the same time interesting trip. Therefore, don’t be upset that it’s too expensive –you should pack your bags, download the necessary applications to your smartphone and go on a new exciting journey!

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