Best Spy Apps to Catch a Cheating Husband

Honesty and trust are the foundations of a relationship. Sometimes, partners in marital bonds don’t get peace of mind because of their doubts on each other. The situation can be dangerous when a wife finds out that her husband is cheating on her.

It is difficult to live with a cheating spouse; therefore, it is recommended to use a spy app like Cocospy to spy on your spouse. As a result, you will get proofs to confront your husband. Here are some best apps to catch a cheating husband.


Cocospy allows you to monitor the cell phone of your husband. With over 30 features, you can keep an eye on a target device. It will enable you to spy on SMS, calls, location, monitor apps of social media, access files, and other apps with Cocospy.

It has millions of contented users in the world. Various authority sites like Life Wire, Digital Trends, Toms Guide, and CNET recognize its credibility. Feel free to check Cocospy website to view the live demo. With this demo, it will be easy for you to explore control panel of Cocospy. It helps you to catch a dishonest husband.

With this reliable monitoring software, you can access data of an iPhone without jailbreaking it. Moreover, you can root an android phone without rooting it. The footprint of this app is less than 2MB; therefore, your spouse will not come to know about its presence.

While running in the background, Cocospy can’t affect the performance of your target mobile. You can uninstall Cocospy apps with one-click from a control panel.

If you visit Cocospy, you can see call logs, contact details, read SMS messages, view appointments of Calendar, track location, and setup geofence alerts. You can buy this app within your budget.

AppSpy to Spy on Husband

AppSpy is a famous monitoring app because of its easy installation process. You can install it on iPhone or Android. With AppSpy, you will be able to get access to media files, messages, record calls, and phone records. Moreover, you can get access to GPS to track the locations of a suspicious husband.

It is compatible with all Android and iPhone homes. After installing it in a target device, it will be easy for you to access the data of this device via a control panel. Fortunately, it can work even with a poor internet connection. If you want to record phone conversations, you have to activate its microphone. Your spouse will not detect the presence of this app.


With FoneMonitor, you can spy an iPhone or Android phone. It can give you access to popular apps and social media sites. With this monitoring solution, you can read the messages and chats of your husband. He will not realize that you are keeping an eye on his activities.

It allows users to monitor the browsing history of a target device. Feel free to hack the contacts of a target phone. Moreover, users can track all installed apps.


With this app, you can correctly track the activities of a person. It can work secretly in the background. People will not realize its presence. You can monitor messages, calls, WhatsApp messages, and tracking emails. Your husband can’t understand that it is installed in his mobiles.

It consumes minimum battery and compatible with Mac OS, iOS, Windows, and Android phones. You can access browsing history. With mSpy, you will get the protection of your phone against theft. Target devices will not receive any message from your installed app.

Unfortunately, it lacks recording services. You may face some compatibility issues with Blackberry and Symbian. Moreover, you can’t take screenshots to show as proof.

Cheating Spouse Tracker

It can work secretly in target devices. This app can help you to check the current location of your spouse. Cheating spouse tracker has limited advanced features. You have to install it in your target device. After installation, it will need internet connectivity on your device and the target device.

You will get a perfect location on Google map. With its user-friendly interface, it can work at a reasonable speed. This app is free and allows you to check the last place of your husband.

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