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It’s Lit! It’s A Hit: Best Diesel Watches of All Time

Diesel is one of those watches that thrives on elegance and sophistication. When it was founded in 1978 by the genius Renzo Rosso, the world saw a blinding light and was introduced to iconic timepieces that dazzled and dizzied a lot of people to the point of madness. Marvelous and stunning watches that actors and actresses wear.

Thus, it may be a shock to know that Diesel started as a clothing brand, but its connection with Fossil allows Renzo Rosso to blossom into manufacturing timepieces that have not become a part of the culture and are deeply embedded into the lives of its wearers. Like its rich and prolific history, Diesel has provided the world with tons of legendary watches, and here are some of those timepieces that are hailed as classic and timely.

Diesel Bolddown Men’s Watch

This first watch on the list is a kind of watch that you know you want to be wrapped around your wrist once you see it. With its stylish and bold design with a remarkable and splendid chronograph that can withstand water up to 100 feet, this is one of those Diesel Watches that is like a star gently plucked and tenderly handpicked to be placed right to your wrist.

The Diesel Bolddown watch has a case size of 56 mm in diameter, with it being made of gorgeous stainless steel material. The dial of the watch in a hue of black is adorned with Arabic numerals. As if all of those are not enough, a sensational quartz battery movement together with a date display and a phenomenal chronograph functions in instill in this watch. All that is encased in a mineral crystal glass.

Diesel Men’s Crusher Watch

Watches could be like a piece of art on your wrist, and this Diesel watch will give you that art aesthetic worthy of being displayed in The Louvre in Paris. The Crusher is a watch that is a mixture of exquisiteness and something ordinary that is made extraordinary through the presence of the tasteful dial lighting and a glorious date display that is both inventive and artsy.

This watch measures 46 mm in diameter and is adorned with a synthetic material in a hue of orange and black, a perfect color combination making it look refreshing and stylish at the same time. Its mineral crystal glass covering makes it scratch-free and resistant to shattering. The watch is finished with an orange-colored textile material put together with a buckle clasp.

Diesel Flare Ladies Watch

Looking for a watch that looks delicate but packs a powerful punch (metaphorically), then this iconic Diesel Flare watch will give you more than just a flare but ablaze in the dark. This watch has a battery and a case of stainless steel adorned with a gold plating that is 38mm in width. This timepiece offers maximum wrist comfort as it is only 10 millimeters thick.

The Diesel Flare watch does not come to play. It looks devastatingly dazzling and sensationally ravishing with its dial-in analog type in a hue of grey embellished with an anthracite coloring and texture that is just easy to the eyes. The watch has a band in gold-tone ornamented stainless steel along with folding clasp closure. Diesel Flare watch is grandeur and sophistication molded into one.

Diesel Mega Chief Quartz

This watch just screams classic from its bold styling and details that remind of aviator and diver timepieces. This watch is water-resistant. It is also scratch-resistant that can withstand daily shenanigans’ wear and tear.

To top everything up, this watch sports a leather wristband, a mineral crystal for protection, and luminous hands and markers that will keep you on toes as it radiates a flair of first-rate elegance and a dash of quintessential allure.

Diesel Men’s Rasp Chrono

It is a look of pure style and sophistication with its stunning black color and sporting a stainless steel case embellished with a black plating; this watch casts a simple, clean-cut look appropriate for every outfit. And suppose you are a fan of swimming or snorkeling or just simply forget about removing your watch when showering. In that case, this timepiece is water-resistant up to 165 feet.


Together with Diesel’s affordability and its brand of sophistication and elegance, there is nothing for them to go but up. Diesel proved to be something historic and an institution that will stand the test of time. As you can see, their glory, honor, and renown are shining as brightly as it is.

The great thing about Diesel watched is that it does not simply produce high-quality timepieces, but they know how to weave the threads of fashion and cultural trends, and that makes them a powerhouse. Diesel cannot do something wrong, so looking for a watch worthy of your hard-earned money? Check out Diesel’s watch repertoire.