Learn The Benefits Of Using Joomla CMS For Your Website And Power Up Your Business

In this competitive market, more companies are experimenting with advanced digital marketing techniques for improving their businesses’ presence. Many entrepreneurs are realizing the importance of developing not only the best-in-class website but, also create content for their businesses. This is why lots of focus is being put on investing in a proper Content Management System (CMS) for organizing the materials on websites. You will find a wide range of CMS software in the market today, which provide tools for content & website management for leading companies.
However, if you want a CMS tool that offers an incredibly scalable and versatile platform to manage your business’s website, you can choose Joomla. In this article, you will come across the major benefits of using Joomla CMS for your website. It will also cover some technical information regarding this content management tool. So, let’s start this article with the basics of this CMS software.

Some Frequently Asked Questions And Benefits Of Using Joomla CMS For Your Website

In order to understand the list of benefits of using Joomla for your website, you must know the technical background of this CMS software. Only then, you will learn its importance for content management in many leading businesses. Hence, let’s have a look at the answers of some common questions that customers mostly ask regarding Joomla.

What Is Joomla?

Joomla is a content management system that offers tools for enhancing the appearance, presentation, content and many more versatile features for a website. It is an open-source program and a free tool for publishing of website content. Hence, you can use it for creating a discussion board or forum, blog site, online communities, e-Commerce store, corporate or personal portals, etc.
So, it doesn’t matter if you want to manage content on a simple or complex site, Joomla is a powerful CMS tool. It offers many features that have extensive abilities for managing websites having many web pages. Also, if you are trying blogging for the first time, you can consider Joomla as an effective option for developing a complex site in simple ways.
joomla cms

Who Created This Joomla CMS Program?

In the year 2003, the software of Joomla was developed in form of a CMS and has become one of the leading content management tools for websites. Joomla has won many awards for introducing innovative technology to create powerful online applications and sites. Initially, it was developed on a web application Framework with model-view-controller. It is not a creation of any particular individual but a group of highly-skilled board of directors.
However, if you want clarification about the lead developer and co-founder of Joomla, it is Johan Janssens. He is a tech entrepreneur, web architect and also a free software advocate from Belgium. Also, there is another individual, known as Aleksander Kuczek, who is the vice-president in Joomla board. He was introduced to this CMS tool by his father and has created the largest Joomla platform for the users.

Why Joomla Content Management System Is Used?

If you consider the leading and most popular list of software for publishing websites, Joomla is one of them. Due to the outstanding contribution and support from its developers and volunteers from the global community, it is preferred by many clients. It offers a platform that is responsive, easy to access, and user-friendly for website developers. Joomla also offers a multilingual, search engine optimized and extendable CMS option for customers to build their sites. If you also make use of the Joomla CMS for your business, you can take advantage of its multiple features.
Before going in to the benefits of using Joomla CMS for your website, let’s cover where you can use it. So, if you want to know what is Joomla used for? go through the following points.

What Are The Sectors That Can Enjoy Benefits Of Joomla CMS?

Joomla is versatile software for content management and web portal development projects in many sectors. Before discussing the benefits in details, let’s cover where you can use this CMS program of Joomla.

  • Corporate portals, sites, extranets, and internets.
  • Websites for leading businesses and SMEs (small and medium enterprises).
  • Online newspapers, magazines, and publications.
  • Payments, online reservations, and e-Commerce websites.
  • Organizational, governmental, and non-profit sites.
  • Family or personal blogs and homepages.
  • Schools, educational and community-based websites or portals.

What Are The Features And Tools Included In The Joomla CMS Package For Users?

There are many users who keep juggling between various software for the content management system. So, they may want to know what are the benefits of Joomla? Or why not choose any other CMS for their websites?  So, if you choose Joomla for your company’s website development, you can enjoy the following benefits.

Benefits Of Joomla CMS

Here is the list of advantages that you can get by developing Joomla based website projects.

Easy, Flexible, And Customizable

If you use this CMS tool, it offers thousands of extensions in the Joomla Extensions Directory. All these extensions are verified by the Joomla developers and you can run it on leading browsers. You can also make use of its high-quality design templates, which are mostly available for absolutely free. There are paid templates and premium features of Joomla, which offers world-class support from the global community.
You will be able to select templates that provide a graphical user interface (GUI) to the customers. Hence, you will be able to modify the colors, layouts, fonts, and features by maintaining the code of Joomla.
It also utilizes built-in extendable functions, layout, and overrides system, which allows users to develop customized websites. So, you can build your own project using custom CSS, layouts, and try language and template overriding functions.
You can go through the free order cheap tramadol overnight video training and documentation that are provided on Joomla’s official website. Hence, if you want to create your website from scratch, this CMS tool is perfect.

Search Engine Optimized Website

There are many powerful and effective SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tools, which are offered to Joomla users. This toolbox contains suggestion on appropriate usage of keywords and metadata for creating blogs or articles.
If you want to work with SEF URLs, Joomla has support for mod_rewrite and menu creating using consistent sitemaps. So, whenever you will create any menu item, it will automatically create useful links, which are both SEO and user-friendly.
Also, you will be able to customize settings for search engine optimization of your content using this tool. So, if you want to include meta description for the web page with a specific set of keywords, customization with Joomla is possible.
There are custom SEO settings, which can ensure that your content has optimal searchability and availability on the search engines.

Open-Source Freeware CMS

The projects developed using Joomla receives technical support and feedback from a unique volunteer community. As Joomla CMS is provided to the customers as a free tool, it offers a cost-effective web development solution.
Joomla CMS
If you select Joomla to develop your business’s website, you can get consistent guidance from its global community for free. So, you will be able to send queries as well as receive solutions from certified designers, developers, copywriters, and experienced professionals.
The Joomla community also offers many development tools and additional tips for troubleshooting website issues. So, if you want to implement a forever CMS software for your business, you can select Joomla.

Secured CMS Features

Joomla utilizes a built-in security feature that allows designing of the codebase with robust technique and two-factor authentication. Hence, if you use this tool for developing a site for your company, it will have security enabling options. So, you don’t even have to think about possible online threats and attacks from other users or hackers.

Language Preference Settings

By choosing Joomla to create website solutions for your business, you can use its multilingual feature. It offers more than seventy translation packs and options to translate projects for the customers. You will also be able to receive out of the box assistance for creating multilingual websites using extensive features of Joomla. Hence, you can utilize its language associations and content management tools to develop a multilingual site.

Requirement Based Expansion

Due to its extensibility features and stable core, Joomla allows the developed applications or websites to expand according to its growth. So, it doesn’t even matter if you want a site for a small, medium or large company, Joomla can create all. It has features that provide the option to include new features or scale the site as per requirement.
There can be complex needs while creating a site for your business. Hence, the CMS tool from Joomla offers a best-in-class platform to support complexity in websites. It has Access Control List (ACL), which defines the granular access rights for different user’s categories. It also allows the customers to utilize overrides features for manipulating the content and site’s features.

Tools For PHP Apps Development

If you consider Joomla to develop a website, it not only offers a world-class CMS but, a stable PHP Framework for your firm. Hence, you will be able to use this lightweight platform for writing command line and web applications easily.
joomla cms
Both the PHP framework and CMS will not depend on each other and operate individually. So, if you want to keep a PHP development tool handy along with CMS software, you can select Joomla.

Content Publishing & Editing

When you choose to develop sites using Joomla CMS, it provides many tools for making the editing and publishing easier. Hence, you will be able to decide when to create or publish the content for your website.
There is a tool of WYSIWYG editor in Joomla, which allows the users to edit content even if they don’t know to code. It also provides the feature of content versioning to ensure that you can retain previous versions of important content. You will be able to view the list of changes using this CMS software, which took place on your website.
Joomla provides tabs for adding, organizing, and managing articles on your site. It also offers the feature of frontend editing, which allows customers to edit their content during site browsing.
You can also find proper editor buttons in order to include additional functions to your site’s content with a single click. Joomla allows ‘drag’ and ‘drop’ features to add/remove images to/from your website.

How Joomla CMS Can Be Beneficial For Your Business Or Website?

In case you consider this efficient and easy content management system from Joomla, it can benefit your business in several ways. So, keep reading the following advantages if you think “is Joomla any good?” for you business.

Easy Setup Process

Its installation is quite simple and takes few minutes to complete the entire process. Hence, you can launch Joomla quicker and start working on your business’s website.

Joomla Core Framework

The Joomla CMS offers a core Framework to the users, which provides many development features for websites. Hence, you will be able to utilize data reporting, custom product catalogs, and communication tools.

Best-looking URLs

By developing Joomla based project, you can automatically create URLs for the website that will be user-friendly and SEO-friendly.

Plugins & Extensions

If you choose Joomla, you will be able to use its 7021 extensions to include more features on your business’s site.
So basically, you can utilize all the benefits of using Joomla CMS for your website by creating projects using this versatile content management system.

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