Beginner's Guide: How Shared Hosting Work

If you’re a starting a new business then I would like to ask you one question that what are your responsibilities for taking a business online? Well, I expect these answers from you that first you have to design a website, buy domain and last but not the least, host your website.
To  host  your website, you will get many web hosting solutions such as shared, reseller, dedicated, VPS, WordPress hosting,etc. At initial stage, opting for shared hosting is the best decision for you. How? Then you have to read this article to know further about shared hosting’s working.  
What is shared hosting?
Shared hosting is the best solution for startups, medium – sized and static websites that aim to receive moderate traffic. Shared hosting is that type of web hosting solution in which various websites are stored on a single server.  Moreover, it’s budget friendly in nature that makes easy for newbies to invest because of low budget.  
Benefits of Shared Hosting
1) Budget friendly
The main feature of shared hosting is the cost because it is bearable by the user who has a small budget to invest. Therefore, it’s compulsory to select affordable shared web hosting provider to host your website or blog.
2) Efficient
While buying the shared hosting plan, you will get essential resources like RAM, disk space, bandwidth, etc. Allocated bandwidth and storage space is taken care by the provider for the better performance. Lastly, which hosting provider you choose is the main factor because not all providers offer the same features at low prices.
3) Convenient
Whenever you experience more traffic on your website, at that time, your resources might get consumed rapidly. In such a situation, you are required to upgrade your shared hosting plan to VPS or any other web hosting solution. In short, upgradation of plan is easy and simple in shared hosting.
4) Multiple email options
You must be wondering that at low cost you are getting a good number of email accounts. It depends upon the provider how they allocate the resources in their plans as per the price they are charging.
Which Parameters Define a Good Shared Hosting Plan?
1) Reliability
Reliability means how reliable is your web hosting provider? It is very simple to check the reliability of a web hosting provider. If you’re getting maximum uptime like 99.95% or 99.99% or very rare say 100% uptime then consider that web hosting provider. It’s uptime is itself telling about the brand.
2) Speed
Next is the speed of the website that tells about slow loading time of website or blog. No matter, what type of website you’re hosting but it’s compulsory that your website should get loaded in short period of time. Then only your visitor will appreciate your hardwork otherwise, he will switch to your competitor websites.  This is possible only when you have purchased best shared hosting service from reputed web hosting provider.
3) Customer support
It is crucial because you never know when you will experience a serious issue and to sort the issue you will need the help of hosting provider. To monitor support service, try the free demo service and check the communication skills and experience they hold while resolving your issues. Moreover, you can check the review sites and their testimonials regarding support. Deep research is suggested before signing up with a provider.
4) Other features
Every hosting provider commits to offer better features but very few meet their commitment. Check the list of additional features that you are going to get from the provider like SpamExpert, free malware scan, website migration, CloudFlare CDN and much more. If you are getting add-ons then you can consider that provider for your business. Moreover, if you want to host unlimited websites then check Unlimited Hosting Plans of MilesWeb.
MilesWeb Indian’s Best Shared Hosting Provider
MilesWeb is the best web hosting provider not only in India but also in overseas. They offer wide variety of web hosting solutions to their clients, right from domain registration to web hosting service. You get India’s best web hosting provider that offers shared hosting only at Rs. 60/mo only. This is not the end here, you also get three server locations that are India, USA and UK.  
Worried about customer support service then keep away your worries because MilesWeb offers 24*7*365 days support service to their clients. Besides this, you get 30 days money back guarantee.
shared hosting
In this plan, you can host 1 website along with 1 GB SSD disk space, 10 GB bandwidth, free SSL certificate, cPanel and 2 email accounts. This plan will cost you around Rs. 60/mo.
Next is Deluxe, you’ll get this plan at Rs. 210/mo. This plan includes features like host 3 websites, 5 GB SSD disk space, 50 GB bandwidth, free SSL certificate, cPanel and 10 email accounts.
Ultimate plan allows you to host 5 websites, 10 GB disk space, 100 GB bandwidth, free SSL certificate, cpanel and 30 email accounts. You’ll get this plan at Rs. 252/mo.
Note: All plans include 40% OFF.
Features of Shared Web Hosting

Let’s have a look at Paid add-ons offered by MilesWeb

Check the Customer Reviews of MilesWeb

  • HOSTJURY –  5/5 ratings
  • HostSearch – 4.7/5 ratings
  • WhoIsHostingThis? –  4.9/5 ratings
  • Hostadvice  9.3/10 ratings
  • Trustpilot 9.2/10 ratings

Shared hosting works very well and it the best web hosting solution for new comers and small players in market. I have mentioned above the rating of MilesWeb on different platforms. Similarly, you can also check the ratings of any shared hosting provider and opt for that web hosting provider.

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