Applications for IELTS preparations


Preparing for exams just got a lot better and interesting because of the applications for preparation for IELTS. If you add that person looking for the applications that will help them prepare for the IELTS preparations, then continue reading this article.

Why do you need these applications?

It is an excellent question, and it is because you still have that connection with your trainers and tutorials. Let us see why people with experience recommend these applications.

  • There usually is assistance at one’s fingertips.
  • These applications have a straightforward interface.
  • The manufacturers constantly update their applications.
  • You still have access to practice.

There is some not-good news. The app stores have a lot of these applications. So it is harder to select which one to choose. There are still those applications that are the experts still recommend to the students. At the same time, there are those applications that the experts do not recommend.

Below is a list of the applications from experts that you can check out if you are preparing for exams.

List if IELTS preparation applications.

IELTS, prep application.

The British Council are the designers of this application. It is an application that gives you the qualities of the IELTS. That is to say, speaking, writing, listening and reading.


  • You have access to all of the tools you require.
  • You also have test exercises and grammar tips.
  • Vocabulary exercises.
  • Interviews in IELTS.

It is an application that is free and is available in the stores.

IELTS test pro.

It is another application that helps you and gives you access to free tests. This application is available for both iOS and Android users.


  • Three thousand questions plus. The experts create these questions.
  • It supports offline mode.
  • This application tracks your progress.

It is an application that you, as a student, should try out.

IELTS skills.

It is one hell of an application that you can try. It is an application that puts all your focus on your passing of the exams.


  • A range of exciting and innovative exercises.
  • Every skill in the application has an explanation so that you understand the concept.
  • This application allows you to score.
  • It has a variety of questions that you can practice.

This application comes in handy. And it is also available in the stores for free.

IELTS word power.

There is no other way of putting it. It is the best application that anyone can get for vocabulary. This application helps you to improve your vocabulary.

Main features.

  • Improve and learn English.
  • One hundred questions for you to work on in your word power.

It is a beneficial application.

BBC English studying.

There I think no way in which you can learn English without having this application. Many people trust this organization because of its reputation in English. You can use it on both iOS and Android. You can access this application freely in the stores and immediately.


  • Practice.
  • Every day you have new questions that you can answer.
  • This application notifies you daily so that you can continue to study.
  • There are also new lessons each day.
  • The programs are simple to find.


All these applications are critical when it comes to studying. So they are must-have Applications for students.