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7 Games that Will Keep you Engaged in 2021 and even Beyond

2020 is a worth-remembering year in recent history to mankind. However, it’s also a revolutionary year for gamers, as well. Before marking it as a trash one, you should look at the video game launches and announcements. 

Video games are cherished as one of the most relaxing, as well as thrilling experiences, to enjoy your leisure time. Online platforms like Twitch are very popular among gamers and they are always looking for opportunities to buy Twitch followers to get more audience while playing games online. And, the fun fact is that you can have some of the biggest expectations getting answered in 2021; no matter which platforms you prefer to break your previous high-scores.

Be it your gaming PC, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch or Xbox, you can find countless thrilling games to blow your mind this year and afterward. Are you aware of the hit-listers? Well, don’t worry; here, you can get familiar with all the fantasy and superior gaming experiences through the following details enlisted below. And, trust us, you shouldn’t miss a single one of them if you are a real gaming freak. 

1. Hitman III

Mark the date January 20, 2021, if you don’t want to forget the stellar game and its honorary launch. Due to its interacting sandbox locations, Hitman is a quite popular PC game around the globe. As reported from the official reports, Agent 47 has got its new assassination contracts. And, Agent 47 is claimed to be in its most desperate condition to put an end to the Assassination trilogy.

So, if you like this kind of contract games and carry on the trilogy, then Hitman III should be in your gaming mission. However, the platform prescribed for the game is quite vast. The game is supported for PC, Xbox One and Series X, PS5 and PS4.

2. Outriders

If you’re looking for a game that would be worth your search on PlayStation, then we must mention Outriders. However, the game is not exclusively programmed for only PlayStation bodies. Square Enix, the game publisher, has concluded that gamers can play Outriders on PS5, PS4, PCs, Xbox Series X & One. 

And, the game was destined to release in the holiday, in 2020, but it will hit the gaming world on 1 April 2021. So, it’s a hyped gaming option among gamers in 2021 and preferably in the upcoming years, too. So, keep enjoying this multiplayer game on your favourite platforms.

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3. The Medium

Are you into horror video games? Then, The Medium is a show-stealer for gamers in 2021 and upcoming gaming years. The game is arriving on 28 January 2021 with a power-packed psychological horror experience. But, it’s not beyond your real-world experiences. The developer, Bloober, has announced that gamers can come across the dual-reality phenomenon.

Additionally, gamers have to solve riddles through psychic powers. Gradually, the gamers would find the dark secrets throughout the gameplay. So, keep the release date in your mind and set a reminder, if spiritual games are just an addiction for you. The good news is that gamers can play The Medium on PCs and Xbox Series X.

4. Werewolf — The Apocalypse, Earthblood

Looking for an action game? Here it is, with Werewolf — The Apocalypse, Earthblood gameplay trailer, it looks like the perfect realization of gaming space beyond your imagination. You have to choose your action figure among humans, wolves and werewolves. The prime character of the game, Cahal, is securing Earth from Wyrm, the evil community.

The game would release on 4 February 2021. However, it wouldn’t have been so delayed, if the pandemic didn’t hit the world so bad. But, better late than never; the game would be released for several gaming platforms. The game will suit your gaming PCs, Xbox One and Series X, PS5, PS4. Some recommended gaming PC bundles for these games are CUK Stratos Micro Gaming desktop and Skytech Shiva.

5. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

This sounds nostalgic for most gamers who have been accustomed to playing the same game on PlayStation, Xbox. The developer, Ubisoft, is going to release a remake version of the same game. The developers have claimed that gamers would feel the same ethics of the previous game, just with a newer packaging of graphics and gameplay.

Moreover, this is the first remake of video games from Ubisoft. However, the authority has further added that the latest launch would be more compatible with modern hardware and gaming platforms. So, gamers can play this remake game on gaming PCs besides Xbox One, PS4. Additionally, the game will knock the gaming floor on 18 March 2021. 

6. Balan Wonderworld

Want to surf along with the magical entities? Then, you can enter the world of imagination, and realize the 3D representation with this game. The game is crafted by Naoto Ohshima and Yuji Naka who jointly created Sonic Adventure and Nights Into Dreams. The game is about solving puzzles and you can choose from a lot of costumes and different abilities.

Moreover, it seems like having more fun as it will be launched on 3D platforms. Let’s cross fingers till the game arrives, compatible with most of the gaming platforms, on 26 March 2021.

7. DeathLoop

Are you more into assassination games? Then, we have an extra gaming bonanza for you. Arkane Studios have announced their next project, Deathloop, going to be released on 21 May 2021. You have to play the game as the major character of the game, Colt. Every time you would be offered an assassination task, and if you die in the gameplay everything would restart from the very beginning.

It might remind you of the Hitman series, but you can get a feel of mystic time-travel, as well. However, you have to keep patience until the game releases. Furthermore, the game will be available on gaming PCs, PS5 for initials.

More Games on your Radar?

Well, 2021 will be a remarkable year, at least from the aspect of video game releases. Apart from these, Elden Ring, Returnal and Hogwarts Legacy are one of the most anticipated games on the list that are going to be released in 2021. So, let’s hope for the best!