6 Important Steps before Buying Refurbished MacBook

Thinking of buying a refurbished MacBook? Read this article to the end to know the things to check so that you do not get ripped off.
Buying a refurbished MacBook with a warranty is a good idea for people with a limited budget.
The greatest thing about Macs is that they usually retain their value even when used for many years.
Most people when buying a Mac make a mistake of checking minor things like the condition of the keys on the keyboard, whether the disk is formatted, whether it has a box and whether all the components are included in the box.
Well, you should ensure to check all these things, but they are not the only ones to look to determine whether the MacBook you are buying is in good condition.
There is more to check than the keyboard and whether the disk is wiped. You need to run a test on the MacBook before buying it.
If you are reading with me this article, then rest assured you will get to know the necessary steps to take before you buy refurbished MacBook.
We prepared this article after we realized that most people buying refurbished Apple products aren’t aware what to check and so we decided to engage Richard Stewart, a computer technician at Tech.trade, who shared with us this information.
Let’s get into it.

  • Check its Age

Well, most people will tell you their MacBook is new but that cannot mean it is brand new. You must check the age yourself with its serial number.
Remember, the age of a MacBook is not when the person selling it bought it. The age of the machine is what the information inside says. Of course, Apple systems can work for many years.
Also, it can be difficult to distinguish between a 2009 MacBook and the 2010 one because Apple’s systems look similar. Check the age by going to the About this Mac section and then use the Apples Warranty Checker online platform.

  • Check Physical Damages     

Examine the body of the refurbished Mac carefully for any physical damages. Check the screws that hold the case to see whether someone opened it. If you find the screws loose, then it could have been serviced by other people. Although it’s normal to find scratches and dings on a refurbished MacBook, too much of it could indicate a serious problem inside. Lastly, check the screen and case to ensure none is bent.

  • Check the Battery Condition

Mac’s batteries are known to provide outstanding performance but remember no battery can last forever. So, you want to check the battery condition to avoid future headaches. Hit the Apple Logo and hold down the Option/Alt key, then click System Information. Click the power section from the menu that appears on the left side. Check the Health Information section. Pay attention to the Cycle count and Condition since that where you can diagnose Mac’s battery health.

  • Check Whether the System Boots up Fully

Make sure the refurbished MacBook you want to purchase can boot up fully o an OS X installation. Of course, the speed of booting will depend on the system, but it should load all the way to the desktop picture. In case macOS is not installed on the MacBook, you can use the bootable drive to boot the system.

  • Check the Keyboard

A bad keyboard will be a nuisance. It will also cost you to replace it which will mean you are buying the refurbished MacBook expensively. Test the keyboard by typing each key character to ensure all are functional. Test space and arrow keys as well since these are more exposed, unlike the other keys.
The best way to test the keyboard is to use the macOS built-in Text Editor. Launch it and type with every keyboard character. If all the keys are working fine, test the Caps Lock button. If all is working well, let go to the next step.

  • Request Proof of Purchase

This is obvious and you must not skip this step unless you want yourself struggling with court cases. As with any electronic device, when buying a refurbished MacBook, you must request the receipt so that you are sure you are buying it from the real owner. If the seller bought it online, they must have been issued with a digital receipt. If he fails to provide proof of purchase, just don’t buy it.

Final Words

In case you have followed all the steps above and you found problems or failures, you need to look the device somewhere else. Remember to observe even the minor failures since they could develop and become major failures with time.

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