5 Ways to Drive Qualified Traffic to Your Website with Pinterest

Traffic is the backbone of any online business. If you aren’t getting qualified traffic to your website, you may need to change your marketing strategy.


The first question to ask is, “Am I sharing my blog posts on Pinterest?”


The reason is that Pinterest has the potential to generate more traffic than Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram combined.


All you need to do is follow these strategies and techniques:

1) Participate in group boards


One of the biggest challenges with any new social media platform is building a following.


With Pinterest, it’s easy to generate traffic without having a huge following of your own by joining group boards.


Group boards are owned by one account and open to multiple contributors. When you share content to the group boards (in the form of a “pin”), the group’s followers will see it in their feed. If you join a group board with thousands of followers, you can rapidly increase your exposure and traffic. And if Pinterest users (called “pinners”) like your pin, they will repin it to their boards so that even more people see it.


Here’s an example of a group board:

Drive Qualified Traffic to Your Website

In the screenshot above, the circle in the lower left corner indicates that this is a group board with multiple contributors.


Most group board owners like to have loads of contributors adding their pins to the boards. Pinterest rewards boards and accounts that share fresh new content.

This also increases the engagement and ranking of the board.


Before you contribute to group boards, make sure your account is already optimized for Pinterest SEO.


Here are some of the ways to do that:


  • Use a professional photo in your profile.
  • Write a keyword-rich bio.
  • Create 10 optimized boards with 5-10 pins each.


Next, create a list of the top boards in your niche and ask the owner to add you as a contributor.

Most group owners include instructions to join in the board’s description. You may need to follow and email the group owner, comment on a pin, or send a private message through Pinterest to gain access.

Once you are a contributor, make a note of how frequently others are pinning to the board so you can do the same. You don’t want to risk looking spammy by sharing too many pins all at once. It’s also a best practice to reshare from the group to keep the engagement high.


Some boards will set a limit on the daily number of pins you can share. Keep a spreadsheet so that you can be sure to follow the group rules.


2) Optimize your images


Pins with high-quality images get more reach, engagement and traffic. So it’s important to optimize your images before sharing them.


Here are image optimization tips that will help you get repins and clicks:


  • Pins with red and orange tones get 2x more repins.
  • Images with multiple colors get 3x more repins.
  • Photos with 50% saturation get 10x more repins.
  • Keep the size of your pin to a 2:3 ratio (600 x 900px).
  • Optimize your pins with keywords.


3) Engage with your audience


The more you engage with your audience and share content that they like, the more traffic you’ll likely get. There are a number of strategies you can use to increase your engagement.


Here are a few:


  • Pin relevant and high-quality content.
  • Pin regularly and consistent so that you show up in the feed.
  • Follow back your followers.
  • Comment on pins and reply to comments by other pinners.
  • Share your followers’ pins (if they are relevant to your audience).
  • Repin from industry experts.


Etsy has over 90 boards with 8,500 pins about recipes, crafts, and DIY topics.

Drive Qualified Traffic to Your Website

They even have “Guest Pinner” Boards with pins from their followers.

Drive Qualified Traffic to Your Website

4) Make Your Pins Easy to Find


Pins are indexed in Pinterest and in search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.


Make sure your Pinterest marketing strategy includes the latest Pinterest SEO techniques, including:


  • Use relevant keywords in boards and pin descriptions.
  • Use both broad and niche-specific boards
  • Add 2-4 hashtags to your pins.
  • Include keywords the blog post images.
  • Use a plugin like WP Tasty to create pin descriptions.


5) Add a Pin It Button to Your Site


Make it easy for readers to share your content with their followers by adding a pin-it button to your website.


You can do this easily by going to Pinterest’s Pin It page, selecting a button image, and entering your website URL:

Drive Qualified Traffic to Your Website

Pinterest will give you a code to place on your website.


Pin It buttons can dramatically increase your traffic. Allrecipes.com got more than 139 million views in the first three months of creating their Pin It button. It works!


Wrapping it up


Pinterest is much more than a visual search engine. It is a community of pinners who love to find and share new content from brands and businesses. Pinterest wants people to find your pins and visit your website, which makes it a goldmine for businesses.


All you have to do is create high-quality pins and follow the steps listed here to drive an incredible amount of traffic to your website.

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