5 Free SEO Tools you should be using

SEO (Search engine optimization) is one of the best tools to grow business online. It is one of the basic necessity of every businessman these days. Without proper SEO techniques, no business can survive for a long time on an e-commerce platform. SEO is an integral part of every business whether startup or others. It makes the path for the business and provides them the best services which can ultimately lead to growth and enhancement of the business. Nowadays, a lot of startups are using SEO for enhancing the reach of their business but still, there are plenty of businessmen who don’t think SEO is important.

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But the fact is that SEO is the one factor which should be taken into consideration seriously because it is an important part of every marketing strategy and is the one which can increase the traffic onto the websites of the business. So, a businessman should look forward to using SEO techniques while starting a new business in order to enable the customers to find the business website and also to enhance the growth of the business through an online platform.

There are numerous companies which provide SEO services and also they help to manage all the work of the businesses. But the businessman must take help from the company which can fulfill all the needs of the business and must try to achieve the aimed targets. Gold Coast Joel is one of the trending names these days as it is the company with extraordinary facilities and provides the best services which can lead the business to earn huge revenues. Joel house is working in this industry from the past few decades and from that time until now it has attained huge trust and goodwill because it always aims to serve its customers with full potential.

There are various free SEO tools which can really help in increasing the traffic onto the websites and also convert users into customers.


Google analytics can be defined as one of the best SEO tools as it provides digital marketers with plenty of important and handy data that can help in evaluating the results of the website from each and every aspect.

Advantage of Google Analytics

Google analytics helps in knowing various key elements of the site like:

The total number of visits on the site

The location of the users who visited the website

The source of traffic.

All this information helps digital marketers to know what to do and what not. And also, this helpful information helps the marketers to plan the future course of action which will surpass the competitor’s action plan. Google analytics tool should be used by all the digital marketers in order to secure their place in the competitive world of e-commerce.


Mozbar is the most advanced SEO tools as it helps to overview all the activities of the page. Mozbar is a tool which works with google chrome browser and also helps in accessing superior metrics on SERPs and webpages. It also helps in accessing the domain authority score of any website or page. This Mozbar tool contains a feature of page analysis which helps in exploring various elements like:

  • Page title
  • Link metrics
  • Markup
  • General attributes

Mozbar is known as one of the free top quality SEO tools with the help of which one can also do detailed SEO analysis.


Semrush as an SEO tool is known for finding out that what keywords the page is ranking for on the web. Also, it helps in finding out the overall information of the keywords and their position in SERPs and also the URLs with the help of which they attract traffic onto the site and also the amount of traffic gathered over the past 1 year.


Woorank is also one of the free SEO tools which help to analyze the website and helps in finding and correcting the issues in it. Woorank produces an SEO score of the website and also provides marketing checklist with the help of which one can know the steps to counter the problems with the website’s SEO. Woorank also provides data of social networks like a number of shares, comments, likes, backlinks, etc. across various social networking sites.


The mobile-friendly test is also one of the free SEO tools which help in determining how correctly the site is optimized for tablets and smartphones. This tool is powered by Google and also it provides a suggestion that how to improve the mobile-friendliness of the website. This tool also contains a page loading info feature which helps to analyze that is google properly able to access all the data of the page or not and if not then what to do in this course to counter this problem.

All search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bingo, etc. display those websites at the top of the results page who have high SEO ranking. So, if you are using SEO services and your website attains good SEO ranking, then it’s likely to be displayed on the top of Search engines results in page and thus it will ultimately reach more and more users resulting in increasing the traffic onto the websites. Also, every businessman must try to overtake its competitors by getting useful information of the customers through various SEO tools and also try to implement and utilize SEO strategies to its fullest content.


So, SEO (Search engine optimization) is one of the most important needs of every digital marketer and it is the basic necessity of for every online business. The SEO is the only tool which can help the digital marketer to compete with the rising new trends like the AI revolution and rise of voice search. So, every digital marketer must take SEO into consideration as well as an action while starting a new business and should make proper SEO strategies to fully promote and grow their business online so as to stay in the competitive world of e-commerce for a long time.

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