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23 Best SEO Tools to Draw Traffic and Earn More in 2020

Google understands the value of the quality article and ranks it higher amongst all. But, on the other hand, immense knowledge and the ability to write a good article is not enough. You need to implement them along with a perfect tool for SEO to gain more traffic. 

Performing competitor analysis and optimizing various types of HTML tags, schema, tables are also equally important tasks. These tasks will help you to understand the main concept of SEO and will also give you the ability to perform well. 

Top Rated SEO Tools to Generate More Traffic

Here are the 25 excellent SEO tools that will help you to grow your business. 

1. Google PageSpeed Insights

This tool is available on PC as well as mobile devices. It will help you to test the loading time of the content that you are willing to publish. Less loading time means less hassle to view a content, which every viewer seeks. 

2. SEMrush Writing Assistance 

SEMrush is one of the most excellent web optimization tools to enhance your business type. 

This tool helps to split all of your textual content into four major areas. Thus, helping you with a better optimization idea for each and every section of the content.

3. Yoast’s Actual

It is one of the largest web optimization plugins specially designed for WordPress. This software has a superb ability to combine a bundle of web optimization materials and writing processors. This helps you to understand the readability, keyword density and many more.

4. Google Analytics

It is an ultimate software package ready to give you the complete web statistics and search insights. This analytics helps you to surf many keyword insights used to land on a dedicated optimization page. It also helps you understand the flaws that are associated with your content.

5. Google Search Console+

This tool package will help you to get the ultimate idea of what most search engines think of your content. You will also get alerts and notifications about any type of bugs and indexing issues. 

6. Answer the Public

Unlike the other tools that used to draw traffic from Google, Answer the Public is much different. This spectacular tool is used to find the necessary questions that people ask on different web platforms. Thus, you get an idea of what type of content you should build.

7. Ahrefs Backlink Checker

It shows the top 100 backlinks on any URL or website. It also calculates the total number of backlinks and also checks domain rating and URL rating as well as per needs. Thus, you get an idea of how your backlinks are affecting the search results and how you can improve. 

8. Woorank

Woorank is an awesome website that will help you to generate an SEO score for your website. It also has an embedded feature named “Marketing Checklist” that will help you to fix any problems associated with your website’s SEO performance. 

9. Mobile-Friendly Test

Google’s mobile-friendly test tool will help you to determine whether the website is compatible with mobile devices or not. It will inform you about the compatibility factors and how you can improve the website. 

10. Moz Link Explorer

It provides you with the full range of analysis with links, pages, and others that you want to explore. It will also help you to get a link up with all of your competitor’s websites. 

11. Ubersuggest

It is a keyword research tool that gathers data from Google planner. Those data will give you the idea of suggested keywords including search volume and level of competition. Thus, it opens a chance for innovation and improvement. 

12. Animalz Revive

This tool will help you to improve and update old content on your website. Furthermore, it will also tell you about those articles which need the most attention. Including that, the tool will also inform you about the number of website visitors. 

13. CaniRank

This super detailed tool will help you to know whether you can rank for a particular keyword. It also gives you suggestions to rank a specific term on the website. Thus, with a perfect set of keywords and optimized content, you can easily pull in organic search results.

14. Seed Keywords

It is the keyword research tool that shows you how visitors search for a topic on the internet. Then the tool scans those queries and converts them into keywords. 

15. Google Keyword Planner

After entering a keyword on Google, this tool will help you to show the usage stats. Those stats will be a monthly volume, competition, and others. 

16. Exploding Topics 

It is the free SEO tool by which you will create the content of trending topics. Furthermore, it will also optimize old content as well. You get to discover the alternatives and help to set a perfect SEO strategy.

17. Seobility

Monitors your entire website and tells you about the engine optimization issues. Its SEO paid tool version is also available. Overall, you get a better search result, more viewers and high rank in the search engine.

18. Google Trends 

Shows the popular search terms, generated through Google searches. The most exciting feature is that, the search terms can be filtered based on location and language. You can also compare the terms in the form of a graph and makes the necessary improvements to gain popularity. 

19. Browseo

It is the tool that helps you to view a website exactly as it appears in any search engine. Thus, you get to list the error in your site after comparing with the competitors’ website. The tool improves styling and structure as well. 

20. Keywords Everywhere

Get a perfect idea about CPC, search volume and the prevailing competition amongst competitive sites. You can also call this a keywords search tool with a huge number of listed websites. The access to search volume is absolutely free for commercial websites. 

21. Check My Links

A Chrome extension to identify the status of every code. Different colours like red, green are used to evaluate the status. You also get to check the broken links with the website and rectify them, as the tool crawls every page of the website.

22. SERP Simulator

Shows you the meta description and title tag that would work best for your web page. Fixes truncation issues instantly after detection. Overall, there is a boost in the CTR and viewer list.


Being a paid version, you need to invest in this tool. Shows the exact list of the most popular websites on the internet. A Feature called “Mentions” will help you to see recently linked people. You get to join blogs and get access to cutting edge technology.

So, what are you waiting for? Go through the list and pick the one that suits your goal, requirement, website type, affordable and content development process. Generate more views, impressions and get a high conversion rate.