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Taking it slow! One man travelled the world without getting on a plane

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Because going on an adventure shouldn’t have to cost the Earth…

Only Planet Ed Gillespie

By Jack Sullivan

As St. Augustine once said, the world is a book, and those who don’t travel read only one page.

Travelling the world is one of everybody’s ambitions in life. Unfortunately, all good things come with a cost, and travelling is very expensive. There’s no need for it to be, though – stay in hostels, budget your money, and travel without airplanes and you can find yourself with a little extra souvenir money.

Ed Gillespie, a business sustainability consultant from London, set off on an adventure of a lifetime in 2007 with his girlfriend Fiona. They spent 13 months travelling the world, starting in Russia and ending up in Central America. And guess what? They did it without using airplanes, relying instead on trains, buses, ferries, bikes, hitchhiking, etc. If they can do it, so can you.

Of course the main reason Ed embarked on this adventure was to see what the world has to offer, to escape his everyday routine back in England. But it extends beyond that. He also set out to prove that we don’t have to – and shouldn’t – travel by plane. And he had enviable amounts of fun whilst he was at it!

Seven years on, Ed has released a book titled Only Planet: A flight-free adventure around the world. It’s an interesting, exciting read that not only details his global adventures, but also has a passionate message about saving the planet. It serves as an educational tool, encouraging people to think about the damage they’re doing and to act on it.

There’s nothing wrong with slow travel. In fact, as Ed Gillespie proves, some of the greatest adventures can be had if we take it slow.

Speaking of ditching the plane, we’re also massive fans of the Interrailing craze – one pass allows you to travel more or less anywhere in Europe entirely by train! Check out this group of lads’ adventures below…

frankensteinHere comes the science bit…

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