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There was a polar bear on the London undergound this week

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Because an exciting commute doesn’t have to cost the Earth… 

Polar Bear on London Tube

This week London commuters were joined by an unexpected guest on their journeys to work.

If you were at Charing Cross station on Tuesday morning you might have noticed this polar bear wandering around. The four-legged commuter hopped on the Underground, had a wander down Millennium Bridge and even nipped over to Hampstead Heath.

But fear not, no one was in danger of getting chomped as it was an uber-realistic looking animated bear as part of a PR stunt for Sky Atlantic’s new show Fortitude.

It apparently took a team of 19 “prop specialists” eight weeks to design and build the polar bear and it was operated by two puppeteers inside. Mad stunts like this are just another reason to ditch the car and hop on public transport instead – you never know what might happen!

Check out people’s priceless reactions below…

Polar Bear on London Tube

Polar Bear on London Tube

Polar Bear on London Tube

Polar Bear on London Tube

Fortitude will hit Sky Atlantic this Thursday (Jan 29) at 9pm. Check out the trailer below…

frankensteinHere comes the science bit…

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