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Epiphany witches, men in dresses and giant stockings on Traincation to Venice

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Epiphany Witches

Happy New Year! We hope you’ve had a great one so far and that you’re enjoying all the extra bank holiday days we’ve been treated to this year. Today we’re taking you on a rather extraordinary Traincation to Venice. Enjoy…

Grand Canal VeniceWhat’s all the fuss?
When we think of Venice there are several things that spring to mind: culture, shopping, romance, Italian food and 50 men in drag sailing down the Grand Canal. You may not have been expecting that last one, but it’s actually a very famous tradition in Venice. This bizarre race involves over 50 men jumping in boats and rowing down the Grand Canal. They’re also all dressed up as befana (epiphany witches) in big ladies’ dresses and silly wigs. The race begins at San Toma, finishing when the winner reaches the giant stocking hanging from the Rialto Bridge.

Getting there
Escape London in the afternoon by Eurostar to Paris, then take the daily sleeper train all the way to Venice arriving the  following morning- it’s really that simple. Have your lunch in London, snuggle down in a comfy couchette (definitely the most comfort for your money) and wake up in Italy in time for breakfast. For help with booking or fares check out Loco2 or Rail Europe, for the best deals and advice.

Picture it

London to Venice

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Pics: Mark Heard (Creative Commons)

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