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Diving at Los Gigantes’ Octopus Cove on Traincation to Tenerife

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LOOKING FOR TRAINCATION TREASURE? Your next clue is: Real Madrid manager Jose Mourinho comes from this country. Is it France, Portugal or Holland?

Flying is so yesterday. If you want to avoid expensive taxis and getting perved on by the new airport security checks, then trains are the only way to get around. Whether you’re looking to large it in Latvia or get kinky in Helsinki, Traincation expert Hollie Wicks bring you the the weird and wonderful of European Traincations

Los Gigantes

This week we’re sending you deep into the depths of the great blue for a scuba diving Traincation to Tenerife…

Scuba Diving

What’s all the fuss?
This week we’re sending you to a picturesque bay for a session of scuba diving. Octopus Cove is a dive site just 10 minutes boat ride away from the marina in a bay set beneath the 400 metre high cliffs. One side of the bay is shielded by a reef covered in sponges and corals and it’s alive with shoals of fish.

The depth of the sea is a shallow yet perfect 12 to 15 metres, and this area is ideal for all levels of divers. But if the diving doesn’t take your fancy maybe the surroundings will, because the area is known to be breathtaking. So pull on your walking shoes and have a wander – If you’re lucky you might catch a sight of a seahorse!

Los Gigantes diving centre is close by, and will help you to have the best diving experience, be sure to check their website!

Arroceria Puerta De Atoch

Getting there
Travelling to Tenerife from London is very easy with just two forms of transport, the speedy train and peaceful ferry.  Firstly catch the Eurostar and overnight train hotel from London to get tp Madrid. Spend the day in Madrid, shopping and/or eating. Be sure to check out, Arroceria Puerta De Atocha restaurant to enjoy a meaty or seafood meal with a glass of wine to get you in the Spanish mood! Then catch the early evening train from Madrid Atocha to Huelva. After an overnight stay in Huelva, catch the Naviera Armas ferry to the Canaries then on to Tenerife. Enjoy your diving! Visit Loco2 or RailEurope for tickets and help with booking

Picture it

London to Tenerife


frankensteinHere comes the science bit…

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