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Just for the halibut! Take a fishing Traincation to Lisbon

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Flying is so yesterday. If you want to avoid expensive taxis and getting perved on by the new airport security checks, then trains are the only way to get around. Whether you’re looking to large it in Latvia or get kinky in Helsinki, Traincation expert Hollie Wicks brings you the the weird and wonderful of European Traincations


This week we are sending you on a fishing Traincation in Lisbon…

What’s all the fuss?
Portugal Sport and Adventure offer a wide range of activities for you to dive into into, but this week we love the exciting fishing trip to Lisbon. It is suitable for both beginners and those who fish regularly, so you won’t find yourself out of your depth. There are fishing guides and skippers who are available to lend you a hand. With their knowledge and enthusiasm they’ll ensure you’ll have a fun day out. There’s nothing you won’t know about the fish in Lisbon by the end of your trip.

You’ll be surprised with what you catch in the seas around Lisbon – expect anything from octopus to eel, and sea bream to shark! If fishing isn’t your favourite activity, the trip also includes a scrumptious lunch. And don’t forget all the stunning views over the city and coastline you’ll get to enjoy. Their fishing trips run all year round weather permitting.

Be sure to check the website for information of where is best to stay. There are lots of options for everyone, ranging from hotels, inns, bed and breakfasts and campsites.

Getting there
Travelling to Lisbon from London is very easy! Catch the Eurostar to Paris mid morning, then a high-speed TGV to the Spanish frontier. Then jump on one of the Europe’s famous trains – the Sud express – overnight to Lisbon. The Sud Express is a ‘train-hotel’ featuring a restaurant and cosy sleepers with private toilets and showers. Arrive in Lisbon relaxed, refreshed and ready for your fishing experience.

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