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Gorges, crags and a spot of abseiling on Traincation to Lleida

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Flying is so yesterday. If you want to avoid expensive taxis and getting perved on by the new airport security checks, then trains are the only way to get around. Whether you’re looking to large it in Latvia or get kinky in Helsinki, Traincation expert Hollie Wicks brings you the the weird and wonderful of European Traincations


This week we’re sending you on a rock climbing and abseiling adventure Traincation to Spain…

What’s all the fuss?
AbseilingThe north area of Spain has a reputation as one of the finest areas for climbing in Europe. There are vast open areas of mountainous landscape to choose for your abseiling adventure, from limestone gorges, to tall pinnacles of rock.

There is the Crag at Terradets, which is an eye catching limestone gorge. It is over shadowed by the 500m high La Paret de les Bagasses buttress. There is also the Vilanova de Meia which offers a wonderful area of limestone rock climbing up to 200m high. Situated to the north of Lleida you have a wide range of limestone crags for rock climbing.Places such as such as Camarasa, Santa Linya and Tartareu. Why not purchase the book, ‘Lleida Climbs’ for more information and pick a rock to start your adventure.

It’s not just about the climb; it’s the fun-filled abseil down, taking in the stunning views on your descent. So be sure to go slow and have your camera ready to capture the moment.

Getting there?
Lleida is situated on the connecting roads between Spain and the rest of Europe. This makes it easy to get to via the highway and railway. So the journey to Lleida is easy, firstly travel to Barcelona from London via the Eurostar to Paris. Then the sleeper train to Barcelona. Then from Barcelona catch the train which should only take about an hour to arrive in Lleida ready for your abseiling quest.

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