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HALLOWEEN SPECIAL: A ghoulish ghost walk on Traincation in Prague

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By Emily Rycroft

Flying is so yesterday. If you want to avoid expensive taxis and getting perved on by the new airport securtiy checks, then trains are the only way to get around. Whether you’re looking to large it in Latvia or get kinky in Helsinki, we bring you the the weird and wonderful of European Traincations

Ghost Tour

Get in the mood for Halloween by booking up a spooky ghost tour in Prague…

Prague Back StreetsWhat’s all the fuss?
Get ready to scare yourself silly with a ghost walk in Prague. Mr. McGee’s famous ghost tours begin at twilight and will take you on a lantern-lit stroll through the twisting alleys and cobbled back streets (pictured), discovering the most haunted spots in Prague. Whether you’re a cynic, a fanatic, or just want to find out more about the city, this is an unusual way to spend an evening and explore the darker side of Prague.

Getting there
Prague is an easy journey from the UK and is also very affordable. An afternoon Eurostar into Brussels is your first point of call. Then jump on a connecting high-speed train to Cologne, followed by the Phoenix City Night Line sleeper train to Prague, arriving right in the heart of the city after a complementary train breakfast.  Need help planning your trip? Check out Loco2 to take the hassle out of booking.

Picture it

Map of London to Prague

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Pics: Pcambraf and l.e.o (Creative Commons

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