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Taking the ultimate plunge on a swinging Traincation to Switzerland

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Flying is so yesterday. If you want to avoid expensive taxis and getting perved on by the new airport security checks, then trains are the only way to get around. Whether you’re looking to large it in Latvia or get kinky in Helsinki, Traincation expert Hollie Wicks bring you the the weird and wonderful of European Traincations


Did you make yourself a daring New Year’s resolution for 2012? Well maybe a canyon jump in Switzerland will tick your box! It’s called Alpsurf and takes place in Interlaken…

What’s all the fuss?

Swiss AlpsTo fulfill your need for an adrenalin rush, get yourself to Switzerland for the swing of your life. The experience is basically getting strapped into an 80m long swing and flying through a narrow alpine gorge. You’ll also have a chance to take in the beautiful sights of the Swiss Alps too while you’re there (pictured). Take along good shoes or boots, a camera and a windbreaker. There are obviously minor details that apply like age and weight restrictions (minimum age of 16 years old and the maximum weight of 220lbs), but other than that it’s all about having a good time.

Getting there
Travelling to Switzerland from London is very civilised and, quite frankly, if getting on a train is good enough for Audrey Tautou, it’s good enough for us. Unlike planes, the trains run from city centre to city centre, which makes your journey enjoyable and stress free.
It’s an easy route from London to Interlaken. Pick up the Eurostar to Paris, which takes an easy 2 hours and 20 minutes. Then on to a speedy TGV-Lyria from Paris to Basel. From here, catch a regular Swiss InterCity train from Basel through the mountain and along the lake shore to Interlaken OST. This journey can comfortably fit in just one day, and you’re there ready to take your almighty leap of faith! Visit Loco2 or RailEuropefor tickets and help with booking.

Picture it

London to Interlaken

Pics: PA Images

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