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Fancy going on an adventure? Don’t leave home without these manly travel must-haves

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Because taking the adventure of a lifetime doesn’t have to cost the Earth… 

Rick Mereki

By Javid Rezai

We love going on adventures! Whether we’re taking the ultimate Traincation or biking in the mountains, seeing the world is something we can’t get enough of. And it doesn’t matter where you’re going, the modern man should be equipped with all the essentials when traveling.

Let’s start with a travelling man essential: the wash bag. This recycled fire-hose wash bag from the Ethical Superstore is the ideal eco-friendly bag to keep all your items safe, secure and ultimately, stylish. Made entirely out of decommissioned fire hose and lined with parachute silk, this recycled product is extremely handy to take with you on any journey. Plus, it just looks so good; a conversation starter if I ever saw one.

You don’t want your skin to dry out (especially if you’re on a long journey), so moisturizer is a must. Bull Dog is all about natural skin care and their moisturizers are packed with 8 essential oils, some green tea mixture, vitamin E and so forth. Basically, everything good , healthy, natural and juicy to ensure maximum hydration for your skin.

So Organic is a company we’ve raved about before and what we’ve grown to love about the products they sell are their travel size products, essential for those who are always up and on the move. The deodorant from Weleda is refreshing and tangy, with a beautiful blend of lemons and sweet oranges. This product is not an anti-perspirants (which we’ve learnt block your pores with aluminum salts) but rather an effect deodorant which does not interfere with your skins natural way of functioning. Fancy words or not, it’s just all in all better for your skin (and according to So Organic, suitable for vegans). Sounds good to us.

Our final product is one which really caught our attention. You need to keep your teeth clean on any long trip and what better way than doing it with environmentally friendly toothbrushes! Monte Bianco have come up with the ingenious biodegradable and compostable tooth brush with replaceable brush heads for you to change every few months without having to go out and keep buying new tooth brushes. Who would’ve thought that something so small could actually help save the planet (even if it’s just a tiny bit). But hey, every little bit helps.

So there you are, a few must-haves when you’re on your travels and all eco-friendly. Safe travels!

And to inspire you to keep moving, here’s a lovely little video starring Rick Mereki…

frankensteinHere comes the science bit…

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Image: Rick Mereki on Youtube

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