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THE WANT LIST: Take a woodland escape to moss cabins, wolf cots and a tin castle

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Because going on an adventure shouldn’t cost the Earth…

The Wood Hermitage

We know life can be tough. Sometimes all you want to do is pack up your things and take a long vacation. Well what’s stopping you? We’ve hunted high and low for the creme de la creme of eco-friendly hotels across the globe. So if you have to fly, make sure it’s to one of these amazing places…

The Wood Hermitage, Sweden
Escape the city and get back to nature at The Wood Hermitage in Sweden. It’s the perfect place to chill out and reflect on life whilst getting some fresh air. This woodland landscape is completely unspoiled and there are a variety of buildings and structures to stay and explore. Sleep in a uniquely hand-crafted cottage, or go electricity-free in a tree house; Find out exactly what a wolf cot is or climb the tin castle. Or just settle down by an open fireplace in the moss cabins and savour the serenity.

This is definitely the best way to experiece the real Sweden! The Wood Hermitage lies in the South of Sweden, and the closest train station is Mjölby and Tranås (roughly 3 miles). From there, the Swebus express which stops at Östgötaporten in Ödeshög will take you the next leg of your journey.

This ethereal landscapeis buzzing with nature and culture too. Take a trip to the bird-lake Tåkern, or explore the many little nature reserves nearby. This hotel is only open between April 1 and October 15 and must be pre-booked so don’t miss your chance!

Here’s some pics to get your mouth watering for a Swedish adventure…

frankensteinHere comes the science bit…

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