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Fancy sleeping in a UFO, a mirror cube or a bird’s nest? Now you can with The Tree Hotel in Sweden

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The Tree Hotel: Harads

By Nicola Wheeler

We know life can be tough. Sometimes all you want to do is pack up your things and take a long vacation. Well what’s stopping you? We’ve hunted high and low for the creme de la creme of eco-friendly hotels across the globe. Obvioulsy we’d always rather you to took a Traincation (remember: no airport queues, no expensive taxi rules, no paying for extra luggage). But if you do have to go further afield, make sure it’s to one of these amazing eco-hotels…

The Tree Hotel: Harads, Sweden
The tree houses in The Tree Hotel are a few big steps up from what you might remember of your childhood tree houses! With five ground-breaking and individual designs, plus a “Tree Sauna”, the Tree Hotel offers a unique experience set amongst the beautiful forests of Sweden with stunning panaramic views overlooking the Lule River.

Each tree house sits within the trees and is carefully designed to minimise impact on the environment in many ingenius ways from Eco outdoor wood floor to environmentally friendly combustion toilets! Additionally, no trees were cut down in building of this hotel as the trees provide the groundwork – plus being above ground there is minimal damage to the soil and vegetation beneath the tree houses.

Built as a part of the forest, The Tree Hotel combines the modern with the traditional with innovative eco designs and the serenity of living with nature. The location itself offers amazing activities from trekking and horse riding in the Summer/Fall to dog-sledding and igloo-building in the Winter/Spring. What better way to sum up eco hotels than with one that no only uses the latest technology, but is also built to fit in with nature.

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Pics: Tree Hotel

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